Stations to Cross Orthodox Nonsense

Daniel’s Vision of Atonement
1. The 490 years were visioned as subdivided in three periods – 49 years, 434 years and 1 year. The 1 year is also divided into three.
2. The first 7 weeks must end with a calamity to the Temple. The second 62 weeks ending is significant to the Temple.
3. There is to be 390 years commencing in 975 BC until Babylonian captivity – 585 BC. Remember these times are pre-exilic, they are not literal historical dates, but rather ritual-sacred dates confirming that Daniel was to be shown this complex maze of understanding the free spirit.
4. A 40 year period needs to have a significant event in 625 BC – 40 years from captivity.
5. Furthermore 483 years needs to commence in approximately 1021 BC (non-chronological). This is the sacred hypothetical date given in Daniel and added to the time periods in Kings and Chronicles. It is a symbol of when David issued his decree to build the Temple. Scribes when writing of course were talking about ascent of mankind, the temple of consciousness, where the constructive would always overcome the destructive. We are to “make”, “create” “write” the story.
6. The final symbol of 1 week (7 years) is 2520 days in the Post-exilic era. 7 had been an indivisible prime number, God was now resting, man (man and woman) had now responsibility for structure and law, Adam’s rib cage and for the life force Eve’s life giving potential. 2520 was divided into 1260 sacred equally 1260 civil, the terrestrial was to match the celestial. Alternatively this symbol of 1260 is 360 * 7.
7. The last station is the station of Atonement after the making of the contents of the Temple. There are ten commandments to “make” inner temple content to combat belligerence:
— “make an ark of shittim wood” (Exod. 25:10–22)
— “make a mercy seat of pure gold” (Exod. 25:17–22)
— “make a table of shittim wood” (Exod. 25:23–30)
— “make a candlestick of pure gold” (Exod. 25:31–40)
— “make ten curtains of fine twined linen for walls” (Exod. 26:1–6) “and curtains of goat’s hair for covering” (Exod. 26:7–13)
— “And thou shall make a covering for the tent of ram’s skins dyed red and a covering above of badgers’ skins” (Exod. 26:1)
— “make boards for the tabernacle of shittim wood standing up” (Exod. 26:15) “and make bars of shittim wood” (Exod. 26:26)
— “make a vail.… Hang up the vail under the taches.… Bring in thither within the vail the ark of the testimony: and the vail shall divide unto you between the holy place and the most holy.… And thou shalt set the table without the vail, and the candlestick” (Exod. 26:31–37)
— “make an altar of shittim wood” (Exod. 27:1–8). In archetype the court and its trimmings are “without the temple, leave out, measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles” (Rev. 11:2)
— “make an atonement” (Exod. 30:6–8, 10)
By Gabriel showing Daniel the vision of 70 weeks the scribes had made the greatest philosophical theological vision of their governance and of the soul and heart temple of heaven. It surpasses all Greek influences.

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