The Golden Pathway through Religious Dogma

Remembrance – After the great victory by their saviour Judas Maccabees, Daniel was to recall the traumatic events of the destruction of their temple in two eras – post-exilic and then pre-exilic. Daniel 2 recalled their immediate trauma:
Head (gold) – Nebuchadnezzar
Chest and arms (silver) – Media-Persia
Legs (iron) – Ptolemaic rule
Feet (iron and clay) – Antiochus Epiphanes
Rock – Judas Maccabees
Then Gabriel was to bring the recall of the pre-exilic era that ended in captivity “one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days”:
First beast Dan, 7:4 – the first was like a lion – a king
Second beast Dan. 7:5 – second, like to a bear – a king
Thirst beast Dan. 7:6 – another, like a leopard – a king
Forth beast Dan. 7:7 – dreadful and terrible, strong exceedingly, great iron teeth, stamped on residue and was diverse – a kingdom
Twice the Jewish nation had been extinguished – death, twice the nation had mourned, and twice resurrection came (freedom from Babylonian captivity and freedom from Grecian overlordship).
Remembrance was the key to ensuring that the everlasting kingdom (the Rock) would last forever going forward. Gabriel showed Daniel a vision of 70 weeks – 490 years – 49 (from David’s decree 1021 BC to Shishak plunder of their temple 972 BC (5th year of Rehoboam) + 434 years (972 BC – 538 BC freedom from Babylonian captivity. The time periods have two witnesses in the books of Kings and Chronicles. Irrefutable.
And a final week 2520 days over 7 sacred years symbol broken into 2300 – Dan. 8:14 (death – in the midst) + 10 days – 1 Macc. 1:54-60 (mourning) + 210 days Ezek. 39:12 (burying the dead – reconstitution & resurrection – recorded in the post exilic books of the OT.
The new pathway through the forest is a golden thread shinning amongst the tangled undergrowth of so much religious dogma.
There is a time for everything and our time is “Today”.

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