Our Inherited Foundation

Now what is the Foundation of the Testaments? – it is certainly not the NT as is was built on many pristine layers in OT. The beast of Revelation 13:1 can now be conclusively trace back to the OT beast described in Daniel – Saul (lion), David (bear), Solomon (leopard) and the Diverse beast being a kingdom – Israel’s ten tribes and Judah’s last seven kings between Hezekiah’s restoration and Babylonian captivity. Jeconiah being the one king wounded and restored out of these last seven kings of Judah.
We are going to establish a new pathway through the Testaments, through the entangled forest of theological hypothesis that has held the ascent of mankind back for over two thousand years. It has denied us seeing the Christ of Revelation 1, 12, 22 and the Christ of the Gospels – our eternal inheritance and content of our psychological temple. The apocalypse will pen by inkhorn our Foundation drip by drip.
More to come as we come out of her my people.

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