Daniel Arising

Gabriel is the “divine messenger” sent to Daniel and later to Mary (bitterness from Mara  – bitter, Marah – the first station of Israel on the east of the Red Sea).  They could not drink the waters of Marah as they were bitter – Exod. 15:23.

Call me not Naomi (pleasant), call me Mara for I am bitter.

Daniel means “God is judge”.  The divine messenger spoke to Daniel and showed Daniel the meaning of their ancestral scribes.  The scribes had left two witnesses in the books of Kings and Chronicles.  The “divine message” was the pre-chronicle length of the reign of kings recorded in pre-exilic times – covering Saul (Lion), David (Bear), Solomon (Leopard) and he diverse beast of accumulation (Israel and Judah) – sea monster of Rev. 13:1.  Gabriel showed Daniel the interpretion of the 70 weeks (490 years) prophecy which is recorded in Daniel 9:24-27 and broken into three periods (7 + 62 + 1).   The first week is a period of 49 years, the second week 434 years and the final 1 week is 7 years ( 49 + 434 + 7 = 490 years.  The last week is also divided into three  – 7 days is 7 years = 360 * 7 = 2520 days and this 2520 days is further split into three (2300 + 10 +210) of post-exilic times representing death, mourning and resurrection.   This is the divine message – divine theology.

Now “God is judge” and God will judge all modernity for being blind-sighted from 2,000 years of instituted dogma that has overwhelmed the “divine message” preceived by the Ancient scribes.

Can you see through the hole in the wall to the corruption in our Jerusalem?

God will be judge.   God is now judging.  The book was opened in the time of Daniel.  The book was opened in the writing of Revelation – which reveals a true Christ – oh ye of little faith, come children, come out.

This theology is outlined alpha to omega in “Probing our Judeo-Christian Interitance” for all those willing to listen – available world-wide.



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