Come Children

Type is always reflected in Antitype and the Archetype. Archetype (Universal) is seen from Antitype (Pharisees and Sadducees – two horned beast of Rev. 13:11) which is a redrawing of Saul (Lion), David (Bear), Solomon (Leopard – 666 wisdom and wealth) and in the Diverse Beast (Israel and Judah – first beast of Rev. 13:1). Jerusalem was always the virgin, firstly almah – without God) and transformed to bethulah – with God. Institutional religion, literal religion, has blindsighted all generations. Virgin never was literal Mary as Mary derives from Maree – bitterness – in the short inserted book of Ruth. God help us for no one else will. Daniel arise and reveal the duplication of the reigns of kings in Kings and Chronicles – our two witnesses – mankind is to ascend to a higher heaven. Come out of her my people.

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