The Golden Thread – A Short Executive Overview of Revelation

The Old Testament commences with Israel’s enslavement in Egypt.  Enslavement was symbolic of the struggle between all constructive and destructive forces, in all circumstances, in all ages.   The scribes commenced writing their spirited message within the parameters of their masculine dominated God-fearing illiterate society.  Their society was jarred – Adam’s rib cage, male and female, was where Eve was drawn out of – Eve, ongoing, life-giver.

Simply the scribes determined “to make” a written message.  “To make” they started to write metaphorically of ascent out of unconscionable deterministic.  God was at Rest and the scribes accepted the onus to run the race.  They had to employ their society’s objective modes as a descriptive of their subject-abstract potentialities.  To image aright their soul-temple they selected their Temple and its contents.  This striving to construct was the underlay of the book of Exodus.  Ten “laws” out of over six hundred were given to conform with hierarchal norms.  But beneath the words are clearly spelt out the true ten commands “to make”.   Possession (Cain) dominated the philanthropic Abel.   All was described as “me” and “mine”.  So “to make” was a symbol of resistance.  “To make” is not vicariously bequeathed.  It requires sacrifice.  We are all borne with a so-called innate spiritual body.  However, it is our travelling to fulfillment that matters.

The ten laws of sin, so dominating Christian theology, bonds mankind, shackling each’s full potential. Mankind is never born in sin or with sin.  We are pure, naked, from the start – possessing likeness, consciousness overwhelmed by a mysterious mighty presence.  We are each bequeathed three score and ten years.  Forty active years, to do so.  After the first five books of the OT, Torah, the Ancient scribes wrote of great friendship, in the short book of Ruth (after Joshua (Jesus) and Judges (both male and female).  Love sets the course for something anew, revival.  Be very attentive for the old forms discard as we go forward.  Woman, Naomi asked Ruth to be called Mara as “the Almighty hath dwelt very bitterly with me”.   Joseph meaning increase (patriarchal possessiveness) had vexed their community with perennial violent belligerence.  There was discord between Adam (structure) and Eve (life giver).  The scribes set about “making” a metaphoric story of endless conflict of good versus bad.  They white anted from within given parameters.

After the telling of Samuel (heard from God), who persuaded Israel to abandon idolatry (all forms), the scribes’ pre-chronical oral recollection is of the reign of each king recorded in the books of Kings and Chronicles – two witnesses, duplicated.  They described such masculine era as a period of great decline, post their community rule of mixed Judges.  Saul was described as a lion (“eagle wings”, “wings plucked”, “lifted up from the earth”, “stand upon the feet as a man” and “a man’s heart was given to it”.  David was described as a bear (“raised up itself on one side”. “three ribs in its mouth (Moabites, Syrians and Edomites) and devoured much flesh – conquered Philistia).  Solomon was pictured like a leopard – “four heads”, “four wings” and “six hundred and sixty-six” – representing wisdom, riches and speed.  Animal likeness is stunningly illustrative of disequilibrium disturbance.

The scribes were rapidly moving from the local to state to national expansion.  Next, they recorded the schism between Israel and Judah.  Combined these kingdoms are the diverse beast.  Israel – with ten horns and ten crowns representing Israel’s ten tribes before Assyrian conquest under Sennacherib.   At that time Israel (almah – virgin without God) was conquered.  Then came the great saviour, Wonderful, Counsellor Hezekiah of Judah (man-child – Immanuel) who rebuilt the Temple – from being “almah” without God, Judah became virgin “bethulah” with God.  Virgin always relates the condition of the holy city, in all instances – check concordance.  Isiaih records this transition.  However, after Hezekiah, decline set in.  In all ascent life is ever circular.  Seven corrupting heads followed Hezekiah – the seven kings of Judah before Babylonian captivity (Josiah initiated minor reforms but these were not accepted) – captivity again resulted.

Daniel 7:24 looking back states that “Another shall arise after them (Israel’s tribes) and subdue three kings”.  Three kings (Asher, Zebulon and Manasseh) were subdued at the time of Israel’s capture and Hezekiah’s appointment as king of Judah.  There is no doubt that the seven heads of Judah post-Hezekiah were the seven kings of Judah with one of these seven being “wounded” maimed to death (thanatos) – “made deadly silent”.  But his “deadly wound was healed” – Rev. 13:3.   This was Jehoiachin who was imprisoned by Evilmeridach but later was brought forth out of prison.  Daniel recalled this prejudicial era of male overlordship.  All of Daniel’s chapters are clearly identified within prior books.  Daniel recorded these objective lessons for subjective application.  Even today children are taught by past lessons.  There is nothing new under the sun – except what Christianity’s blindness does not envisage.

These ancient writers quickly moved on with new books, new formats and themes in Ecclesiastes, the preacher – a book about egotistic vanity at all levels and The Song of Solomon (erotic love).  This was refreshing as they were “making” a new song from old rigidity.  Eve was then present. Necessarily they wrote the “historical” works of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel covering their Jewish inheritance.  Isaiah ends with the taking the sayings to the Gentiles, another theme replicated over and over especially in the writings of Paul (representing the “little” suppressed under the horrendous rule of the Pharisees and Sadducees).  The scribes’ writings are always about their security, their governance and a longing to maintain balance – maturing of their soul – where the constructive would outlast destructiveness right up unto a universal application.  The terrestrial was to be likened to the order of the inherited equanimity of cosmological.

Daniel was the great writing interconnecting all the previous writings of the scribes.  Christian cults prophecy that Daniel 2 points conclusively to Christ and Roman imperialism.  But the scribes were looking back, commentating on their oral recollections, remembering their past, for their pedagogical reference.  Daniel 2 was recalling Judas Maccabees, their Rock who established an everlasting kingdom.  In Jewish parlance there was to be no further kingdom, such was the conquering victory over Antiochus.  It absolutely never, nor ever, pointed to a Messiah to come.  Lessons of imprisonment had been learnt.  All had been accomplished in two witness periods – two olive branches.  Christianity’s centric always wants the old testament to be confirmation of their centric new.   Until we overturn such falsehood, a barrow egotistic despair, as enunciated by institutional expositors, we can never restore justice, love, ethics and morality.  There is no morality in deception no matter how well the intention.  Daniel’s 7-9 coverage is of pre-exilic and post-exilic Israel only.  Nowhere is Rome.  Christianity had to reject this everlasting kingdom.  It was not the kingdom they wanted.

Daniel is the critical juncture, the glue, before the soul temple can be reconstituted – before resurrection – where pseudo western chirping dialogue between Christianity and atheism ends.  Understanding Daniel enables higher ground – heaved up things – heaven’s wings and a prayer.

In summary Daniel’s 9:24-27 70 weeks prophecy is, as expositors claim, a symbolic period of 490 years (year-for-day principle-philosophy).  Gabriel was teaching Daniel interpretation.  The mystery is revealed by understanding the pivotal role of the Temple is Jewish folklore history.  The scribes writing, just as we do, associated objective reality to their subjective/abstract potentiality, our unsearchable, the undefinable Almighty being.  The Temple was the object for symbolisation.  The order to build was given by David.   It was constructed under Solomon and pillaged after “49 years”, in “sacred pre-chonological” year terminology, allegedly by Shishak from Egypt.  There were 434 years following (recorded in both the books of Kings and Chronicles) to the end of Babylonian captivity in 538 BC – 483 out of 490 years.   This was when, in Jewish chronological history, Cyrus the Persian, the anointed the Messiah, came and freed the Jewish populace from Babylonian captivity but “not for himself” – Dan. 9:26 – for the Jewish nation.  The Temple could then be rebuilt symbolising an elevation of their soul-temple.

Daniel recalled the patriarchal kingly beasts of Saul (Lion), David (Bear) and Solomon (Lion) and the diverse beast that of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in Dan. 7-9.  These beasts are combined, in reverse order, symbolically in the apocalyptic beast of Rev. 13 -17.  In Revelation the scribes looked backwards to look forward.  In Revelation the beast has the same form as the dragon of Rev. 12.  Combined it has almighty strength, practically insurmountable, having existed now for over two thousand years.  John of Patmos saw the coming destruction of Jerusalem and a pending long dark era of institutional churches, pictured in Asia’s demised seven churches – “I too have something against you” is the saying.

Daniel writing after Judas Maccabees’ great victory over Antiochus Epiphanes firstly wrote of the great Rock that shattered the clay-iron feet of Greek overlordship.  Gabriel then took Daniel back in time to the pre-exilic age.  Daniel 9:24-27 was shown two witnesses verified firstly in the books of Kings and Chronicles – 483 years and the final post-exilic 7 years totalling 490 years all taken from the interlocking books of Dan, 8:14 – 2300 days, 1 Macc. 1:54-64 – 10 days and Ezekiel 39:12 – 210 days totalling 2520 days (360 X 7= 2520 days over 7 years).  Seeing, through the hole in the wall, seeing midrash enables a liberal insight into the testaments.  In Rev. 11 we have 1260 days – civil 1260 and sacred 1260 days of balance.  The golden thread can be only be seen by those willing to traverse through the needle, to see the high places corrupting interpretation of the Testaments.  Our Jerusalem can only be described as “almah” without God for its degradation promulgating unfortunate fundamentalist mindsets.  The camel, that has no pretensions, can see through the eye of the needle.  Our rich brethren certainly cannot.

After Daniel are books relating to the pre-exilic era and a bit from post-exilic era – from Hosea to Malachi – they had incorrectly been labelled “prophetic” by wishful pondering.

Now to the what is called the New Testament but is really a continuation of the Jewish recall of their society its governance under the Pharisees and Sadducees.  Rome is not the subject of the Gospels – although all academics and theologians slander Rome to justify the rise of religious institutes.  It is hard to turn our mind away from Rome – such is the depth, the breadth and height of indoctrination.  See any book.

The first thing to appreciate is that Paul’s epistles and letters came first.  Paul means “little” and represents the populace’s struggle against high places.  Many scholars have documented the abuse of society firstly under the Hasmoneans and then Herod the Great.  After the great cataclysmic traumas up to the fourth decade Paul’s message had to be taken abroad to the Gentiles.  He ended up living in Rome till the end of his days.   Paul’s epiphany, said to be on the road to Damascus, was a comprehending, an awakening the scribes’ message.  The book had been “opened” to Daniel – Dan. 7:10 but then closed again, sealed.  Daniel was said to be shown the open book by Gabriel.  Paul’s epiphany was insight into the midrash the scribes recorded after the betrayal by leaders of their nation.  In the fifth decade Peter and James openly encouraged Roman procurators to become more dominant in social life.   Most failed abysmally and had to be constantly replaced – poor administrators – Rome’s dominance was only now coming to the fore.

Revelation is more than a book.  It is an encyclopedia of midrashic ensamples from woe to go, from alpha to omega.   It begins with a plea to “open the book” which is, via midrash, “the revelation of Jesus Christ” – Rev. 1:1.  Every verse cumulates the universal Reformation to come.  All content is sourced from earlier works from the so-called old testament.  It is never old in any sense, but recurring, in new forms.  Midrash is the only way to John’s Christ.  By knowing the past, by acknowledging the ensamples, we can move to a very new apocalyptic universal application.  The writers were so skilful.  Their attention was focused on the future but acknowledging the strains swirling in very out-of-date metaphors.  These similes can never be contemporaneous for us.  They never enable love today.  We can appreciate the sagacious words as the sword for life.  One has to understand death (betrayal), mourning (time for consideration) and finally resurrection (a new birth – called man-child) – a great wonder in heaven (in churches) – “she being with child, and pained to be delivered” – Rev. 12:2.  The testimony of Christ is that a new child to be born in the apocalypse.   And only this leads to perfection “leaving the principles of Christ, let us go into perfection” Paul envisaged at Heb. 6:1.  We move beyond the Christ of Christian perception to a new-child of tomorrow.  A little controversy never goes astray.

Revelation is such a complex book traversing seven angel’s Messages, seven Seals, seven Trumpets and ends with seven Plagues (destruction of current theological dogmatic doctrine).  All images come from the old and are thrown forward into a final climatic conclusion.  There is wonder in heaven (in established denominations), a new man-child is brought forth Rev. 12:5-6, there is war in heaven (between theological doctrines), the Dragon appears ready to make war with the remnant of the woman (this is the corrupt woman), the first beast of the apocalypse appears – seven heads and ten horns “like”, reversing to go forward, a leopard (Solomon), bear (David) and lion (Saul).   It is “like” as its exact form is pending.

Then a second beast appears having “two horns as a lamb”.   The second beast references the existent Pharisees and Sadducees who always parade a façade of righteousness and civil justice implementing the complete opposite in their decrees – testified by numerous vilifications in the Gospels.   This end time “likeness” is awaited evident in the silence of all protagonists of literalism to deny this Revelation.  The saints turn on the woman throwing her into the lake of fire and brimstone.  A new marriage awaits – with a new bride and bridegroom.

Such was the skill of the scribes of Revelation that they began Revelation with the words “Revelation of Jesus Christ” – Rev. 1:1    Our churches have back-flipped in doctrine time and time again.  Not one has ever been even close to comprehending the book of Revelation.  Midway through the statement is given “testimony of Jesus Christ” – Rev. 12:17.   Church denominations have never had the faintest inclination of the interconnectedness of the testaments.  Denominations have failed to have the foggiest idea as to its entirety.  It ends twice referencing a Jesus “come, Lord Jesus” – “the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all” – Rev.22:20-21.  The indictment is complete.  Our Fathers have betrayed us.

Now Revelation never mentions Rome and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD is not mentioned.  Many expositors correctly assert that at least the initial version of Revelation was written well before this catastrophic event.   Otherwise surely it is likely to have been mentioned therein.  Others want the gospels to have been written prior to Revelation and pluck out a much later date.  As one goes further into Revelation one gathers that every verse has a sequence grounded in the Old Testament.  That being so one concludes that this methodology was the heart and soul of the “makers” – those endeavouring to raise the standard by inkhorn.   It was the only weapon one has, ever had.  Same yesterday, same today.

In my view the scribes composed Revelation once they saw the seven Churches of Asia degrading after the catastrophic annihilation of around 33 AD – persecution and crucifixion both were rampant.  They saw the governorship of James and Peter further compromising and encouraging Rome to have greater influence in the fifth decade.  They foresaw the pending obliteration that Rome would inflict on Jerusalem.  If you can consider in detail Revelation verse by verse your whole perception of the Testaments comes as a bright light.

One reaches the conclusions that the Gospels personified Christ as the oneness evident in the population, individually and communally, against the overlordship of the Pharisees and Sadducees.   Rome is only minuscule, paraphrased in the Synoptics, rarely mentioned.  John’s fourth gospels reverts to the spirit of Paul and that of John of Patmos.  This gives credence that Revelation was written well beforehand and maybe finished before Mark’s personification gospel by the seventh decade.

The Book of Revelation was included in canon.  It has never been broached in serious fashion by academics and theologians.   Luther could not make head or tail of it.   Bertrand Russel said it was unfathomable.  The church claimed that Revelation preserved apostolic teaching, its message congruent with its teachings and had wide usage.  They agreed it had been written by apostles but its message departed somewhat.  Irenaeus used quotations from the book on key Christian beliefs:  that God was Creator and that Jesus was the Messiah whom the Testaments promised.  How he arrived at those conclusions from Revelation is up for discussion.   Eventually Revelation was accepted as normative by most Christians.  It was then left to any whimsical fundamentalist to interpret and these are multitudinous.  But the lack of a midrash interpretation continues until today.  And will continue on until we can say “Jesus comes today”.

The story is never ending.  Time to thrust in the sickle and reap. A newer harvest awaits.