Thank You for Visiting and Considering

This site is out of the box.  If you have a traditional religious background such writing could appear berserk.  Slowly and step by step it shows a different golden thread running throughout the Old Testament and into the New Testament.  It explains Hebrew metaphors – unseen by orthodox Christianity and Jewish scholars alike.

People like John Shelby Spong and Alvin Boyd Kuhn have approached this methodology, without seeing inside the wall, through the needle.  I am a fellow traveller having reached similar conclusions.

It is up to each individual to know thy self by searching and finding – for yourself.  And then comes the “making” that the Ancient’s inkhorns started.

It is a never ending story.   Good luck on your journey.

Metaphor Interpretation – Oh Christianity so wrong.

Cartoon from the English satirical magazine Punch, or The London Charivari. With the Russian Bear sitting on the tail of the Persian cat while the British Lion looks on, it represents a phase of The Great Game. The caption reads: “AS BETWEEN FRIENDS. British Lion (to Russian Bear). ‘IF WE HADN’T SUCH A THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING I MIGHT ALMOST BE TEMPTED TO ASK WHAT YOU’RE DOING THERE WITH OUR LITTLE PLAYFELLOW.’”

The Lion (Saul), Bear (David) and Leopard (Solomon) are today used as types usually in many different ways. Many say USA is one, some say Germany of yesteryear is one. Did Daniel have such a massive vision? When it came to the Diverse beast many devolving Christians made this image Rome with the three animals Africa, Media-Persian, Greece (forgetting the Egyptian intervention) as just one of the many attempts to justify their Rock (which was and is to the Jewish nation Judas Maccabees – maybe Aussies would say converting to Rome is harassment). That’s the problem with metaphors – art of all types – take it as you please. Was it the leopard tank that indicated it must be Germany? Folly.