Fruit of the Earth

God the unsearchable, expressed in words of governance, enabled the fruit seasons to be synonymous with the sacred 1260 days (six months of over 7 years – 180 X 7) representing the potential of the civil 1260 days’ endeavour. The civic represent the product of God’s resting with the creation of thought (mankind – man (ribs) and woman (drawn from – created by ascent) – construction cf. destruction:

Jewish Month Days Nature’s Produce Commentary

1 Abib, or Nisan 30 Barley, ripe; sprouting, budding Passover, Unleavened bread
2 Iyar, or Zif 30 Barley harvest, blossom or flower month
3 Sisan, or Sivan 30 Wheat harvest Pentecost
4 Thammuz 30 Early vintage
5 Ab 30 Ripe figs
6 Elul 30 Vintage gleaning
7 Tishri, or Ethanim 30 Plowing and sowing, perennial Feast of Trumpets
8 Bul 30 Latter grapes, rain-god Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles
9 Chisleu 30 Snow hunter
10 Tebeth 30 Grass after rain, winter
11 Sebat 30 Winter figs
12 Adar 30 Almond in blossom, fire-god Purim
Total 360

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