A Time for Everything

There is incontrovertible evidence that the Lion was Saul, the Bear David and the Leopard Solomon. The Diverse beast were the kingdoms of Israel (ten tribes) and Judah (seven kings after Hezekiah). The ceremonial dating (pre-chronological dating) in the books of Kings and Chronicles were synchronised by Daniel in the 70 weeks (490 years) vision.
The Temple’s construction, destruction and restoration is the key to comprehending the ancient writings. There are seven milestones confirming that David’s Temple’s decree commences the Ancient scribes’ story. The book was understood (open) in the time of Hezekiah (when the Temple was restored) and in the time of Daniel (after Judas Maccabees’ victory) enabling men to sing in the street and for children to play.
There are milestones are in this pattern:
1. The first 69 weeks (483 years) are of a 70-week (490 years) period. According to Kings and Chronicles Rehoboam’s reign commenced in 975 B.C. 538 BC + 434 (62X7) years takes us back to 972 BC – the 5th year of Rehoboam’s reign from 976 BC (1 Kings 14). This gives a hypothetical dating of David’s decree to be 1021 BC – 972 + 49 (7X7) years is 1021 BC. It is ceremonial time, pre-history also called pre-exilic. It is ritual time highly symbolic of the soul-temple (where God rests after seven days of creation).
2. The first 7 weeks (49 years) and the second 62 weeks (434 years) together total 483 years, or 69 weeks. The Temple is key to understanding the construction – Shishak from Egypt (with Jeroboam’s backing) pillages Jerusalem in Rehoboam’s fifth year – 972 BC according to Kings and Chronicles.
3. The 390 years (Eze. 4:5-9 – symbol of siege) commence in 975 BC and stretch from 975 BC to 585 BC, defining the start of full captivity. The year 975 BC must mark a key event.
4. The 40-year period (Eze. 4:6 – “forty days: I have appointed thee each day for a year) extends from 625 BC to 585 BC. This marks a key event in soul-temple recollection – captivity.
5. 483 years should commence in 1021 BC (538 + 483 = 1021). After community judges David command Solomon to build a temple in this ceremonial year. It is not a historical year according to chronological dating. The 483-year period continues to the end of Babylonian captivity (1021 BC – 483 BC = 538 BC). It was then that historically Cyrus, a Persian, cut off Babylonian captivity, “not for himself” but for the Jewish nation.
6. There is a very significant Temple event of 972 BC, 49 years after 1021 BC, breaking up the 483 years period into Daniel’s two distinct parts. It is a major incident.
7. The final symbolic type of 1 week (7 years) is in Daniel’s post-exilic era and uses the consistent dating times indicating destruction, mourning and reconstruction:
Post-exilic — Second Testament of Old Testament
1 Week =7 Days = 7 Years (Day/Year Principle) = 2,520
1. 2,300 days — “in the midst of the week” — plunder (Dan. 8:14)
2. 10 days — of intense persecution — mourning (1 Macc. 1:54–64)
3. 210 days — of burying dead — reconstitution (Ezek. 39:12)
Total 2,520 days (2,300 + 10 +210)
This is overwhelming to the heart and soul. Let’s hope some of our ministers and priests show honesty and renounce their concocted theory of Rome and that Jesus was prophesied. Is there any rectitude anywhere.

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