I am. We are.

Believers and non-believers are in agreement. The “unsearchable” “I AM” is unknowable.

St. John recognised that we should never become definite about fixed beliefs, creeds, doctrine or religious orders. We are each “I am”:

St. John
I am bread of life 6:35 1510
I am light of the world 8:12
I am the gate for the sheep10:7
I am the good shepherd 10:11
I am the resurrection and the life 11:25
I am the way, the truth, and the life 14:6
I am true vine John 15:1

I AM THAT I AM – Exd. 3:14
I am HATH SENT ME – Exd. 3:14

I am alpha and omega 1:8
I am the first and the last 1:17
I am (he) that liveth and was dead 1:18*
I am alive for evermore 1:18
I am (he) that searches 2:23*
I am thy fellow servant 9:10
I am the root and the offspring 2:16

So each writer was never pointing to anything as definite as any surety. It is time to move forward and be, “Today”.

“I am amazed today at the blindness in those who taught me Scripture. I no longer accept the proposition that anyone can understand the Bible, and most especially the New Testament, without understanding the method of midrash” Resurrection p.3 Bishop Spong

“The question to ask of this midrash is not, Did it really happen? That is a Western question tied to a western mind-set that seeks by sensory perception to measure and describe those things defined as objectively real.” Resurrection p.10 Bishop Spong


* (he) inserted by abusers of adult minds

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