The Golden Chain – First Link


There are many links between Daniel and the books of Kings and Chronicles and those golden links need to be perceived.

As mentioned for Daniel’s 9:24-27 70 weeks or 490 years is broken into three periods – 49 years, 434 years and 7 years.

Midrash indicates that one of the golden links could be in the fifth year of Rehoboam’s reign when Shishak from Egypt, in liaison with rebellious Jeroboam pillaged Judah. The dates in Kings and Chronicles indicate to the student that Rehoboam’s reign commenced in 976 BC and that Shishak’s raid was about 972 BC. Is this correct and is Albright’s historical date of 922 BC from Wikipedia erring. Should we be considering Ceremonial dating or historical dating not based on the Testament.

Now to the Golden Chain’s first link. The book of Ezekiel links Daniel’s 490 years back to the Ceremonial dating in Kings and Chronicles – not to any hypothetical historically accurate proposition:

Ezekiel 4:1–6, covering the pre-exilic period, notes that the iniquity of the house of Israel shall be 390 years (see Ezek. 4:5-6). That is a long period of time. Such iniquity or idolatry would therefore have commenced around 975 BC, lasting until complete Babylonian captivity in about 585 BC to fit the hypothesis. Dates in Ceremonial Time can be out a year due to whether it begins at the beginning or end of the year. The critical date of 975 BC precedes 972 BC, and we are tasked with identifying a significant recorded event about 5 years earlier.

From the story, iniquity commenced when two calves of gold were made for the people to worship. “And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eight month on the fifteenth day” in place of Feast of Tabernacles (see 1 Kings 12:28–33). Did Jeroboam do this in 975 BC BEFORE he became king and before the event of 972 BC? According to Young’s lexicon, he became the first king of the ten tribes of Israel in 970 BC.

So there is a connecting book between from Ceremonial dating to the much later book of Daniel. Daniel was following Ceremonial times and not historical times.

Statements in Wikipedia such as “Most modern historians follow either the older chronologies established by William F. Albright or Edwin R. Thiele” is a correct but completely non-testimonial. Midrash enables us to “see” the corruption in Jerusalem and go through the wall.

Further golden links connecting the Testament books will be given in the future. If you are a student of theology you need to study these dates very carefully to “know thyself” rather than just following.

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