Erring by Christian Scholars – As a Result Gabiel and Daniel Misunderstood

As stated from Wikipedia most modern historians follow the chronology from Albright and Thiele.

The first obvious error by Albright is at Manasseh below – who reigned for 55 years as stated. Galil gets it right at this stage stating the non-chronological reign commenced in 697 BC (Albright starts at 642 BC and ends at 687 BC!).

These scholars have David’s reign beginning in either 1000 BC or 1010 BC.

Using the books of Kings and Chronicles the dating of Rehoboam can be traced to 976 BC. I will upload a previously uploaded table that I claim gets this date correct and is aligned to my hypothesis that David’s reign commencement was 1021 BC according to Daniel guide from Gabriel.

1021 BC is calculated from the FIFTH YEAR OF REHOBOAM’S REIGN – 972 BC (1 KINGS 14:25) by adding on Daniel’s first significant event – 49 YEARS for David’s decree – the pillage of the Temple by Shishak with the support of Jeroboam. The texts clearly state that Shishak pillaged in the fifth year of Rehoboam’s reign. Solomon had “Reigned over Judah for 7 years in Hebron, then Israel and Judah for 33 years; 40 years in total”. So David’s decree is sysbolically set at 49 years before Shishak’s pillage.

Now Wikipedia goes on to state that “modern historians follow the older chronology” of Albright and Thiele. However there is no chronology, no historical dating in pre-Babylon times. It was CEREMONIAL TIME i.e. 1260 civil days to equal 1260 sacred days over a 7-year period (360 *7). It was a time to establish, construct, atone with type formation.

The first 49 years is 7X7 – a prime indivisible number – pure – where the terrestrial matching the celestial. What a philosophy. Types were being established to bring governance into harmony with the great creative power – the Almighty.

It is most important that we see the Midrashic model shown to Daniel by Gabriel (sacred wings guiding civil).

Because of the wrong starting date of Rehoboam’s reign – Albright 922 BC and others 931 BC there is no understanding by Christian scholars of the book of Daniel or the intent of the Ancient scribes.

See Wikipedia for a better layout.

I have endeavoured to space each Kings.

Next I will upload the texts out of Kings and Chronicles – which this list from Albright, Thiele, Galil and Kitchen does not do.

Study to show thyself…approved.

The date for King David’s decree is symbolic, not historical but Daniel for theological and philosophic exposition highlighted events of the Temple as key to construct a model for learning.


List of Kings
Most modern historians follow either the older chronologies established by William F. Albright or Edwin R. Thiele,[4] or the newer chronologies of Gershon Galil and Kenneth Kitchen,[5] all of which are shown below. All dates are BCE.

Common/Biblical name Albright Thiele Galil Kitchen Regnal Name and style Notes
House of David


Reigned over Judah for 7 years in Hebron, then Israel & Judah in Jerusalem for 33 years; 40 years in total. 1000–962 1010–970 1010–970 Death: natural causes

Reigned over Israel & Judah in Jerusalem for 40 years. 962–922 970–931 971–931 Death: natural causes
Son of David by Bathsheba, his rights of succession were disputed by his older half-brother Adonijah

Reigned for 17 years. 922–915 931–913 931–914 931–915 Death: natural causes

Reigned for 3 years. 915–913 913–911 914–911 915–912 Death: natural causes

Reigned for 41 years. 913–873 911–870 911–870 912–871 Death: severe foot disease

Reigned for 25 years. 873–849 870–848 870–845 871–849 Death: natural causes

Reigned for 8 years. 849–842 848–841 851–843 849–842 Death: severe stomach disease

Reigned for 1 year. 842–842 841–841 843–842 842–841 Death: killed by Jehu, who usurped the throne of Israel

Reigned for 6 years. 842–837 841–835 842–835 841–835 Death: killed by the troops assigned by Jehoiada the Priest to protect Joash.
Queen Mother, widow of Jehoram and mother of Ahaziah

Jehoash (Joash)
Reigned for 40 years. 837–800 835–796 842–802 841–796 Death: killed by his officials namely: Zabad, son of Shimeath, an Ammonite Woman, and Jehozabad, son of Shimrith, a Moabite Woman.

Reigned for 29 years. 800–783 796–767 805–776 796–776 Death: killed in Lachish by the men sent by his officials who conspired against him.

Reigned for 52 years. 783–742 767–740 788–736 776–736 Death: Tzaraath
George Syncellus wrote that the First Olympiad took place in Uzziah’s 48th regnal year.

Reigned for 16 years. 742–735 740–732 758–742 750–735/30 Death: natural causes

Reigned for 16 years. 735–715 732–716 742–726 735/31–715 Death: natural causes
The Assyrian king Tiglath-Pileser III records he received tribute from Ahaz; compare 2 Kings 16:7-9

Reigned for 29 years. 715–687 716–687 726–697 715–687 Death: Natural Causes
Contemporary with Sennacherib of Assyria and Merodach-Baladan of Babylon.

Reigned for 55 years. 687–642 687–643 697–642 687–642 Death: natural causes
Mentioned in Assyrian records as a contemporary of Esarhaddon

Reigned for 2 years. 642–640 643–641 642–640 642–640 Death: killed by his officials, who were killed later on by the people of Judah.

Reigned for 31 years. 640–609 641–609 640–609 640–609 Death: shot by archers during the battle against Neco of Egypt. He died upon his arrival on Jerusalem.

Reigned for 3 months. 609 609 609 609 Death: Neco, king of Egypt, dethroned him and was replaced by his brother, Eliakim. Carried off to Egypt, where he died.

Reigned for 11 years. 609–598 609–598 609–598 609–598 Death: Natural Causes
The Battle of Carchemish occurred in the fourth year of his reign (Jeremiah 46:2)

Reigned for 3 months & 10 days. 598 598 598–597 598–597 Death: King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon sent for him and brought him to Babylon, where he lived and died.
Jerusalem was captured by the Babylonians and Jehoiachin deposed on 16 March, 597 BCE. Called Jeconiah in Jeremiah and Esther

Reigned for 11 years. 597–587 597–586 597–586 597–586 Death: In prison.[6]
His reign saw the second rebellion against Nebuchadnezzar (588–586 BC). Jerusalem was captured after a lengthy siege, the temple burnt, Zedekiah blinded and taken into exile, and Judah reduced to a province.

Unquote End of Wikipedia.

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