Isaiah Abused


“Representation of the Prophet Isaiah illustrating a 14th Century prose translation of the Gospels” – Wikipedia.

Paintings from the 12th century onwards have gravely distorted the message of the Ancient scribes. Isaiah’s “suffering servant” was the story of the decline of Israel and Judah prior to Hezekiah and then the decline into Babylonian captivity. Much of the NT is a replication of the “Suffering Servant” – the Jewish nation in pre-exilic, pre-Babylonian times.

Religious denominations rifled the OT types. Just read Isaiah and it is plain to see – nothing pointed to the Gospels (also rifled and distorted by religious zealots with complete neglect of the Book of Revelation).

Hezekiah’s life was extended in the story. Then came the worst atrocity – the last 7 kings of Judah (7 heads of the diverse beast) – one loosing sight and one being restored an evil king of Babylon.

Isaiah is about the folly and shame of the makers of idols. It concerns the judgement of Babylon and Chaldea and the restoration of the “suffering servant” by anointed Cyrus saving Israel the sufferer.

This image along with most of the Renaissance, Reformation and Counter Reformation paintings have clasped Western imagination and held up the triumphal march in of humankind.

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