Daniel and Gabriel

Gabriel, Daniel’s angel within, revealed the mystery of 70 (threescore and ten) weeks or 490 years (day-for-a year principle) to Daniel – Dan. 9:24-27. This is a symbol of each’s life-time experience – secular as well as spirited.

Daniel secular recall was of Jewish history. This governance had been recorded in the books of Kings and Chronicles – see diagram below. Daniel had to commence his vision from David’s decree to build the Temple. To the scribes the Temple was a symbolic of the potential of our raised or heavenly being – the soul temple of the individual. The scribes were expert in covering both of these perennial aspects (terrestrial and celestial).

All the dates of each king’s reign appear in the books of Kings and Chronicles. Both books refer to pre-chronological time, also known as Ceremonial time or sacred time.

Daniel noted the oral recollection that Shishak from Egypt, with the support of Jeroboam, pillaged the Temple in Jerusalem (in Judah). He also noted Hezekiah restored the Temple – changing their concealed society, virgin – almah (without God) to virgin – bethulah (with God) – see Isaiah. Daniel then recalled the demise of the seven Judea kings leading to Babylonian captivity and the destruction of their Temple – literal and spiritual. He noted the reconstruction post-Judean captivity and its destruction by Alexander, once again with the support of many Jews (1 Macc. 1) and finally by Antiochus Epiphanes.

Gabriel, his inner well-being, showed Daniel that by adding 49 years to 434 years (as recorded in Kings and Chronicles) this would equal 483 years. The period was 7 years short of the required 490 years total. The 70 weeks was thus divided – 7 weeks, 62 weeks (both pre-exilic) and 1 week (post-exilic – to cover Daniel’s time and the great victory by Judas Maccabees. It is awe inspiring philosophy greatly surpassing Greek philosophy that Christianity has followed. Many times has a foreign power usurped the Ancient scribes gaining wide acceptance – from Shishak and Jeroboam, Alexander and his Jewish supporters (1 Macc. 1) to Christianity’s adoption of Greek idealism which by the way never literalized. The scribes had something against Greek wisdom and Jewish signs.

The 49 years was a guesstimate from when David had issued the decree to build the Temple. It also symbolically represents the time before Jubilee in the 50th year. As it was Ceremonial time this mathematical pattern was very creative, also ideal for symbolism.

The post exilic one week in theosophical-philosophic terminology is a symbol. It started with the prime number of seven years i.e. 1 week = 7 years = 2,520 days = 2300 (death in midst – Dan. 8:14) + 10 (mourning – 1 Macc. 1:54-64) + 230 (restitution – Eze. 39:12. 2,520 days in Jewish terminology was always to be divided equally into 1260 sacred and 1260 days civil (to make governance in harmony with the sacred). Ten Commands were issue to make the contents of the Temple – sanctuary – ending, 10th being complete atonement – as listed in Exodus. Each month was to have 30 days in practical terms.

Just as we revere our past historical events Daniel did likewise. When the Reformers came along they wanted the Jewish scribes to have “prophesied” Christ. Cults and denominations reconstructed the texts to suit and imagined an angel telling Daniel of the 490 years projecting the Christ phenomena. See Wikipedia for numerous examples of being misled.

There is a great awakening coming – it is called the Apocalypse.


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