What is Resurrection?

“When scholars poured over the Christian Scriptures, the language they worked with was Greek, not Hebrew. When they studied the biblical roots of Christian theology, they inevitably looked through the lens of Greek philosophy” Resurrection P4 Bishop Spong

“Unconscious of its Western anti-Semitism, however Christian scholarship developed with little openness to the primary midrashic content of the Christian Gospels” – Resurrection p4 Bishop Spong

But beginning at least with Polycarp and Justin Martyr in the second century, the typical Christian understanding of this tradition was that the Jewish prophets had simply predicted concrete events in the life of the messiah who was to come” Resurrection p5 Bishop Spong

“I am amazed today at the blindness in those who taught me Scripture. I no longer accept the proposition that anyone can understand the Bible, and most especially the New Testament, without understanding the method of midrash” Resurrection p.3 Bishop Spong

“What is midrash? It is both a collection of the interpretations of sacred Scripture and a method for the continual expansion of the sacred Scripture” Resurrection p. 8 Bishop Spong

“Midrash is the Jewish way of saying that everything to be venerated in the present must somehow be connected with a sacred moment in the past. Resurrection p. 8 Bishop Spong

“one can artifically resuscitate the dead corpse of yesterday’s religious conclusions only so many times” Resurrection p.13 Bishop Spong

“The possibility that Chronicles was an example of Jewish midrash on the Book of Kings had not dawned on me” Resurrection p.14 Bishop Spong. Daniel’s 9:24-27 has not been perceived even by progressives to derive from Chronicles and Kings. It will soon.

“Beyond that I have finally begun to see the midrashic element of timelessness in the entire corpus of the canonical Gospels” Resurrection p.19 Bishop Spong

“Traditions always change. That is the meaning of midrash.” Resurrection P. 20 Bishop Spong

“Literalistic Christians will learn that a God or a faith system that has to be defended daily is finally no god or faith system at all.” Resurrection p.22 Bishop Spong

“The question to ask of this midrash is not, Did it really happen? That is a Western question tied to a western mind-set that seeks by sensory perception to measure and describe those things defined as objectively rea.” Resurrection p.10 Bishop Spong

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