Wisdom of the Scribes

Solomon “made himself a chariot of wood of Lebanon” – Song of Sol. 3:9. “Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse…my sister” 8:9 … “look … from the mountains of the leopards” 4:8. Daniel’s third beast was “like a leopard with four wings of a foul and four heads” illustrating much wisdom. Only Solomon had much riches (six hundred threescore and six – 1 Kings 10:14), much wisdom “proverbs of Solomon, which the men of Hezekiah (the restorer of the soul Temple) “copied out” – Prov. 25:1. The scribes writing was as one and very layered.

To the Ancient scribes Solomon was the leopard. Daniel 7 was pedagogically recording an object lesson for abstract application. When the scribes accumulated the book of Revelation they too remembered the lion (Saul), the bear (David) and Solomon (the leopard). They knew there is nothing new under the sun. In the Apocalyptic age a great deceit would be exposed. Society always reverts to great knowledgeable institutions for guidance but they have feathered their own nest … from the wings of Solomon.

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