28. The Seven Angels’ Messages

Let’s review the seven angels’ messages and when they were given:

Rev. 5:1–2 First Angel’s Message — Book with Seven Seals

Rev. 6:1–2 First Seal — White horse
Rev. 6:3–4 Second Seal — Red horse
Rev. 6:5–6 Third Seal — Black horse
Rev. 6:7–8 Fourth Seal — Pale horse
Rev. 6:9–11 Fifth Seal — Torment—How long?
Rev. 6:12–17 Sixth Seal — Great earthquake
Rev. 8:1–3, 7:1–3 Seventh Seal — Silence in heaven
Rev. 8:7 First Trumpet — Hail, fire, blood
Rev. 8:8 Second Trumpet — Great mountain burns
Rev. 8:9–11 Third Trumpet — Waters made bitter
Rev. 8:12 Fourth Trumpet — Darkness

Rev. 8:13 Second Angel’s Message — Three Angel’s Woes predicted
Rev. 9:1–11 Fifth Trumpet — A great star falls
Rev. 9:13–21 Sixth Trumpet — Four angels loosened
Rev. 11–15 Seventh Trumpet — Wonder in heaven — continues to Rev. 15
Rev. 12:1 Beginning of wonder in heaven — Woman clothed with sun, being with child
Rev. 12:3 Wonder in heaven — Red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, ten crowns ready to devour child of woman clothed with sun; same image as first beast in Rev. 13.
Rev. 12:5–6 Man-child brought forth — woman clothed with sun escapes to wilderness
Rev. 12:7-8 “War in heaven” — Michael versus dragon
Rev. 12:13–14 Dragon (Devil and Satan) cast out — persecutes woman with man-child
Rev. 12:17 Dragon ready to make war with remnant of woman
Rev. 13:1–4 First beast of Apocalypse — seven heads, ten horns, ten crowns; like a leopard, a lion, a bear; great authority; one head wounded; worshipped dragon; spoke blasphemy
Rev. 13:7 This beast was given power over all kindred, tongues, and nations; all on earth shall worship this beast
Rev. 13:7–8 “Patience and faith of the saints”
Rev. 13:10 “Rich and poor, free and bound”; “no man might buy or sell”; “mark on right hand … mark is name of a man” (Solomon)
Rev. 13:11 Second beast — “another beast … had two horns like a lamb”
Rev. 13:16–18 “No man might buy or sell”; let him have understanding; “beast … Six hundred threescore and six”
Rev. 14:1 A Lamb stood on mount Sion
Rev. 14:3 “Sung as it were a new song”

Rev. 14:6–7 Third Angel’s Message — First Woe, Hour of Judgment

Rev. 14:8 Fourth Angel’s Message — Second Woe, Babylon is Fallen

Rev. 14:9–11 Fifth Angel’s Message — Third Woe, Wrath of God
Rev. 14:14 “One sat like unto the Son of man”
Rev. 14:20 “By the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs”
Rev. 15:5 Temple of tabernacle of testimony is opened
Rev. 16:1–2 First Plague — Grievous sores, leprosy
Rev. 16:3 Second Plague — Blood of the dead
Rev. 16:4–7 Third Plague — Rivers become blood
Rev. 16:8–9 Fourth Plague — Scorching fire

Rev. 16:17 Sixth Angel’s Message — “It is done”
Rev. 16:10–11 Fifth Plague — Darkness, blasphemy
Rev. 16:12–16 Sixth Plague — Unclean frogs out of mouth of dragon, beast, false prophet
Rev 16:17 Seventh Plague — It is done
Rev. 17:1 Judgment of “the great whore that sitteth upon many waters” — blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns
Rev. 17:5 “Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth”
Rev. 17:7 “I will tell thee the mystery of the woman”
Rev. 17:9 “The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth”
Rev. 17:10 “Seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come”
Rev. 17:12–14 “Ten horns are ten kings … receive power as kings one hour with the beast”
Rev. 17:16 Ten horns (ten kings) … “shall hate the whore … desolate … naked … eat her flesh”
Rev. 17:17 “Until the words of God shall be fulfilled”
Rev. 18:2 “Babylon, the great is fallen, is fallen”

Rev. 18:4 Seventh Angel’s Message — “Come Out of Her My People”

Starting at Rev. 17, immediately after the seven plagues John says “it is done”. A new song is sung at Rev. 14:3 as soon as the identity of the beasts of Rev. 13 are identified. But you have to be able to hear the new song to be able to sit in the street and sing.
John foresaw a great universal upheaval when the book of Revelation is opened by recognizing Christ as the pedagogical metaphors that Christianity has completely failed to understand.

Every person needs to make their own judgment with the opening of the book.

The saints are about to turn on the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations. The words of God will be fulfilled. The great corrupter Babylon is about to fall. The true saints come marching in.

If you have got this far then you can “Come Out”. The divinity of humanity is about to be restored. Know thy self is the motto. Silence is betrayal.

The mystery of the KJV is about to be resolved from the four corners of the world. Glory be for the new chorus. Come Lord Jesus.

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