The First Resurrection


In opening the book of Revelation seven angels’ messages are given:

  1. Revelation is a book with “seven seals” – message given at Rev. 5:1-2 precedent to the first seal opening – white matriarchy horse returning to Jerusalem. The red masculine horse rider awaits her return.


  1. The second angel’s message is at Rev. 8:13 – “three woes” are predicted. This message is precedent to the 5th trumpet sounding where a great star falls – predicting the fall of ecumenical.  A new marriage is pending – the black horse goes north and bay horse meanders.


  1. Upon the opening of chapter 13 of Revelation the third angel’s message is given – Rev. 14:6 – “the hour of judgement” has come. Everyone has a choice to consider the Christ’s midrash testimony – Rev. 12.  The new “man-child” – Rev. 12:5-6 is brought forth – the woman (conception, life) clothed with sun escapes to wilderness.  Such is the fury to come.


  1. Immediately follows the fourth angel’s message – “Woe”, “Babylon is fallen” – Rev. 14-8 – the false hierarchy if ecclesiastical truth is exposed as a full understanding and reverence for Ancients’ midrash insight comes to be revered.


  1. The fifth angel’s message – the third woe follows immediately – Rev. 14:9-11 – the “wrath of God” – a message denouncing the millenniums of literalism (abomination of desolation) espoused separating, keeping apart, the masculine and feminine. The “set apart” marriage is awaited.


  1. The sixth angel’s message is given in the midst of the plagues (after the fourth plague) – Rev. 16:17. The message is “It is done”.  The midrash story of Revelation, especially Rev. 13-15, is perceived.  The seventh plague – Rev. 16:17 – the last plague confirms again “It is done”.  The old is to be replaced with a new man-child – a reference to Hezekiah’s (the child who became a man) rebuilding o the Temple (soul temple).


  1. The seventh angel’s – Rev. 18:4 message is given before the marriage ceremony saying “Come Out of Her My People”. This message is a call to leave the old teaching into the full divinity of humankind, inclusivity, and a great appreciation of the masterwork bequeathed to us.


The message is “Faithful and True” “For the marriage of the Lamb is come” and “Salvation”.  False prophets are bound a thousand years and “This is the first resurrection”.




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