Seven Midrash Plagues strike upon the Opening of Revelation

The Seven Midrash Plagues strike all those who fail (deny) understanding “come Lord Jesus” – Rev. 22:18 – the marriage of Matriarchy and Patriarchy – the celestial and terrestrial, 1260 civil days to 1260 sacred days, The Lamb and Bridegroom. They have denied the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” – Rev. 1:1. They have denied Christ’s testimony – “testimony of Jesus Christ” – Rev. 12:17. They have misinterpreted the Gospels. They have failed to understand Paul by their one-eyed approach to the Gospels and the Gospels only.
The plagues wipe out all the old and a new birth (divinity in humanity), a new child is born. The old ends in fire and brimstone. The saints turn on their Woman riding the beast. The plagues strike:
1. Grievous Sores – Leprosy 2. Blood of the Dead 3. Rivers become Blood 4. Scorching Fire 5. Darkness and Blasphemy 6. Unclean Frogs Out of Mouths 7. Vail into Air – “It is done”.
And remember seven angels come out of the altar of heaven with seven midrashic messages so appropriate to the apocalyptic age.
But first the book of Revelation must be opened and so a complete midrashic interpretation of Rev. 13-15 is on our horizon – today.

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