Why Revelation has Trumpets

John in Revelation gave symbolic meaning to each of the seven trumpets that began to sound after the crucifixion and persecution of the people at the hands of the Hasmoneans, Herod the Great (Massacre of Innocents), the displacement under the Pharisees and Sadducees,  enslavement and starvation of the illiterate population.  The world was wretched.  All hope of redemption lost and the belligerent had full sway.  Roman dominance was now making inroads and the complete destruction of Jerusalem was upon the nation.
John wanted to consolidate their experiences into an ever enlarging picture, one that had to be sealed for future opening.  It would not only be applicable to their nation but have a worldwide application.  Such was the wide scope of philosophical-theological discourse.

In selecting trumpets as the awakening call he fully incorporated midrash into the never ending story.  Before opening Revelation here are a selection early times when the trumpets sounded:

“The voice of the trumpet exceedingly loud” – Exod. 19:6

“when the voice of the trumpet sounded” – Exod. 19:19

“noise of the trumpets, and the mountains” – Exod. 20:18

“then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the” – Lev. 25:9

“Make the trumpet sound throughout all” – Lev. 25:9

“before the ark seven trumpet of rams’” – Josh. 6:4

“the priests shall blow the trumpets” – Josh. 6:4

“when ye hear the sound of the trumpet” – Josh. 6:5

“he put a trumpet in every man’s hand” – Judg. 7:16

“blew the trumpet throughout all the land” – 1 Sam. 13:3

“blew the trumpet, and said, We have no – 2 Sam. 20:1

“blew ye the trumpet; and all the people” – 1 Ki. 1:39

“He saith among the trumpets, Ha, ha! And” – Job 39:25

“Blow the trumpet in the new moon” – Psa. 81:3

“and when he bloweth the trumpet, hear ye” – Isa. 18:3

“lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show” – Isa. 58:2

“blow the trumpet among the nations” – Jer. 51:27

“he blew the trumpet, and warned the people” – Eze. 33:3

“whosoever hear the sound of the trumpet” – Eze. 33:4

“blow the trumpet and the people be” – Eze.33:6

“(Set) the trumpet to thy mouth” – Hos. 8:1

“Blow ye the trumpet in Zion”, and sound” – Joel 2:1

“Shall die…with the sound of the trumpet” – Amos 2:2

“A day of the trumpet and alarm against” – Zeph. 1:16

“God shall blow the trumpet, and shall go” – Zech. 9:14

John in Revelation was giving primary importance for a  midrashic lesson – “The Word” and had great insight into the plight of his nation during the time of the Roman prefects.  His emphasis was always on midrash to highlight the 40 years of the messianic movement birth, maturity and death.

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