Midrash – From Genesis to Revelation

7 Days and 7 Angels of Evolution
Genesis Revelation
FirstDay  Light (Gen. 1:1–5) FirstAngel Proclaims light (Rev. 5:1)
SecondDay Division (Gen. 1:6–10) SecondAngel “Woe, woe, woe” (Rev. 8:13)
ThirdDay Grass, new life (Gen. 1:11–13) ThirdAngel Everlasting gospel, open (Rev. 14:6–7)
FourthDay Concept (Gen. 1:14–19) FourthAngel Babylon is fallen; creative conception triumphs (Rev. 14:8)
FifthDay Be fruitful (Gen. 1:20–23) FifthAngel A warning against complacency (Rev. 14:9–11)
SixthDay Man, concept, rest (Gen. 1:22–31 SixthAngel Arise, spread the word; It is done (Rev. 16:17)
SeventhDay Rest (Gen. 2:1–2) SeventhAngel “Come out of her my people,” rest (Rev. 18:4–5)

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