Midrashic Last Week of Daniel’s 9:24-27, 70 Weeks


Post–exilic Second Testament of Old Testament

Midrashic symbolism is always threefold – plunder, mourning and restitution.

Plunder – captivity, illiteracy, bondage, enslavement, wastage, dogmatic literalism, creeds.

Mourning – a period of reflection of the errors let my people go – 7 plagues (sores, leprosy, blood, scorching fire, darkness, blasphemy, unclean frogs).  50 years pondering Babylonian captivity.  Victory over Antiochus Epiphanes.  Total annihilation by the Pharisees and Sadducees.  Then James and Peter’s closer liaison with temporary Roman procurators.

Resurrection – After Egyptian captivity (escape to land of milk and honey, appointment of Judges for the community).  After Babylonian captivity being set-free by Cyrus the anointed “but not for himself” and construction of the second temple.   After victory of Judas Maccabees the elders and children singing in the street.  After crucifixion the midrashic writings of Paul and the great midrashic Book of Revelation set before us enabling a coming out – “come out of her my people.”

The final midrashic week of Daniel’s (9:24-27) 70 week period – 490 years is easily identified from three books covering the post-exilic era of Grecian plunder, of horrendous suffering and the glorification of Judas Maccabees (the Rock – establishing the everlasting kingdom):

1 Week =7 Days = 7 Years (Day/Year Principle) = 2,520


1. 2,300 days — “in the midst of the week” — plunder (Dan. 8:14)
2.      10 days — of intense persecution — mourning (1 Macc. 1:54–64)
3.     210 days — of burying dead — reconstitution (Ezek. 39:12)
Total 2,520 days (2,300 + 10 +210)

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