Midrash Challenges Literal Dogma

Paul to the Hebrews incorporated midrash into everything:

– By faith Abel offered unto God
– By faith Enoch was translated
– By faith Noah was warned
– By faith Abraham was called
– Through faith also Sara
– By faith Abraham
– By faith Isaac
– By faith Joseph
– By faith Moses

The persecution and crucifixion of the Hebrew populace, by Pharisees and Sadducees, especially from the time of Herod the Great, enabled the Jewish populace to see the need for oneness and purpose in all.  They always wrote aabout their society, to their people about their Jewish governance.   The midrashic connection of time and space enabled Paul to see the dynamic traverse, not a static one event, not the platonic thing, nor a Jewish sign but a pedagogical teaching process of remembrance incorporating everything – the remembrance of dogmatic bondage.  They were concerned about movement and change.

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