Midrash – Books of Kings and Chronicles

“What was the relationship, I wondered, of the Books of Chronicles to the Book of Kings in the Hebrew Scriptures? They both covered much the same history and material, but they did it with very different and sometimes contradictory detail. The possibility that Chronicles was an example of Jewish midrash on the Book of Kings had not yet dawned on me” p.14 Resurrection Myth or Reality John Shelby Spong.

It is time to take the story of midrash many steps forward into the timeless concept the Ancient scribes intended. Yes there are minor differences between the books of Kings and Chronicles – both written about events in pre-chronological time (Pre-Babylonian time)

John Shelby Spong to his credit highlights the concept of midrash and admits that “Clergy … they were encouraged not to use this new knowledge when speaking from the pulpit.” But Spong continued in his books “to explore my faith by looking at the Jewish tradition that had given it birth”. P 13.

There is a time for everything. That time is now. In the books of Kings and Chronicles we have remarkable consistency between the years of reigns of each king from king David right through to Babylonian captivity.

Daniel using midrashic form look back to this creation and with the help of Gabriel incorporated these past midrashic years into his vision of 490 years of Dan. 9:24-27 which accurately matches the split of the 490 years into a period of 49 years, 434 years and a final period of 7 years.

Once one grasps the concept of OT midrash the Christian projection of the 490 years forward becomes simple nonsense. One comes to revere the Hebrew way and not the Greek way which we have been drenched in. My paper on the Mathematics of Daniel 9:24-27 is an introduction of the concept of midrash unseen by progressives of this modern era.

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