Linking Hands

“Beginning at least with Polycarp and Justin Martyr in the second century, the typical Christian understanding of this tradition was that the Jewish prophets had simply predicted concrete events in the life of the messiah who was to come, and Jesus had fulfilled these predictions in an almost literal way as a sign of his divine origin” p5 Resurrection Myth or Reality John Shelby Spong. This is a great quote showing how Daniel 9:24-27 was thrown forward whereas the Ancient scribes looked back to Kings and Chronicles to establish their agape philosophy of 490 years.\

“When scholars poured over the Christian Scriptures, the language they worked with was Greek, not Hebrew. When they studied the biblical roots of Christian theology, they inevitably looked through the lens of Greek philosophy” p 4 Resurrection Myth or Reality John Shelby Spong

Midrash is never presented as a method by which the Bible was written and not, hence, as a method by which the Bible was to be understood. Same yesterday same today. Why are Christians so introverted?

Midrash comes in three forms: “Halakah, Haggadah, and Pesiqta.  Halakah is an interpretation of the law – the sacred Torah.  Haggadah is the interpretation of a story or an event by relating it to another story or event in sacred (pre-chronological) history.  Pesiqta is the whole sermon or exhortation written midrashically to capture themes of the past to enable them to be perceived as operative in the present.

Midrash is the Jewish way of saying that everything to be venerated in the present must somehow be connected with a sacred moment in the past. p8

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