The Path to the Golden Horizon


1. Daniel 9: 24-27 matches Kings and Chronicles years of reigns of their Jewish kings and kingdoms.
2. The first 7 weeks (49 years) indicates a significant event – pillage by Shishak.
3. The 390 years must commence in 975 BC (beginning of Rehoboam’s reign) and ending in captivity in 585 BC.
4. The 40 year period must be 625 to 585 BC – from Josiah’s attempted reforms.
5. Furthermore 483 years (434 plus 49 years) must commence in 1021 BC – reigns of kings in Kings and Chronicles absolutely, amazingly matches exactly!
6. There is a significant event of 972 BC and victory in the fifth year of Rehoboam’s reign – 970 BC.
7. The final 1 week (360 X 7 = 2520 days (2300 days – Dan. 8:14 + 10 days – 1 Macc. 1:54-64 + 10 days – Ezek. 39:12) symbol must be found respresenting pludering, burial and resurrection of the temple.
Oh! Scripture is a difficult subject but one you grasped that this “history” of pre-chronological times fits to perfection, in miniscule detail over and over, your perception of the book of Daniel and all the Testaments may be completely changed.
Dogma fundamentalism must be challenged. It cannot be allowed to rest in our very bodies.
Humankind must uncover the past and let the Light shine.

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