Insight into the Golden Thread – Exodus, Kings & Chronicles, Daniel to Revelation


Daniel 9:26 says, “And after three score and two weeks” — which is 62 X 7 = 434 years (year-day principle – as accepted and prjected forward by Christianity) since Shishak pillaged the temple in 972 BC during Rehoboam’s reign in Judah — “shall Messiah (the prince of Daniel 9:25, Cyrus the anointed) be cut off, but not for himself.” Cyrus did not do it “for himself” but for the Jews, a once and once only identification of such a generous act.

This Messiah of this time, Prince Cyrus, the Lord’s anointed, explained in Isaiah 45:1 did cut off the Babylonian captivity for the Jews but not for himself. Cyrus was a messianic conqueror. No other OT story matches the philanthropic actions of Cyrus of cutting off captivity but not for himself.

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