Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam portrayed Adam as purely male. In the two creation stories we are told that Adam is male and female – Gen. 1:27 “God created man … male and female’ – Gen. 5:2 “Male and female created he them … and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created”. So this is stressed twice.

Right from the word go the ancient scribes were telling us there are two forces in the world – one masculine and the other feminine, one representing establishment (law and order – rib cage) and one the creative (life-giving, able to birth) – in other words patriarchy and matriarchy. This is very contrary to Aslan’s meek and mild pantheism – refracted light, although different in color, comes from the same source – in other words there is no conflict. But there is conflict, Light and Dark, Day and Night, conflict even between cultures that humanize God.

God rested once sentient Adam, mankind, was created. But Eve was the force of new life, transience, ascension, evolution or the verb of mankind.

The Jewish scribes never ended in pantheistic uniformity in their very developed philosophic treatise. Eve gave birth to Cain (possessiveness, my and mine) but also to Abel (philanthropy – community), and then to the dominance of patriarchy. They recorded their pre-historical society in writing, their judges, kings and kingdoms and then their historical symbolism of their post-exilic age. They devised a duality of equality of the forces of patriarchy and the forces of matriarchy. They symbolized this as 1260 days each (2520 days) over a seven year period (360 X 7) firstly in Exodus and then Daniel. They carried this right through to the book of Revelation chapter 11 before the appearance of the dragon of chapter 12 and the replication of their beasts of chapter 13 all ending in fire and brimstone in a universal apocalypse. They never revealed Adam in the same manner as Michelangelo nor Reza Aslan as solely male pantheism. We need to travel a long and lonely road.

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