Right from earliest times the scribes noted the emergence of patriarchy within society. Patriarchy became the structure of society – its rib cage. There was Light and Darkness, Day and Night, in all aspects of the masculinity (Adam was male and female). Anything new had to be drawn from society. The new was always pre-conditioned by the old. The scribes were generalising giving a broad outline of factors they perceived in mankind’s trail of ascent.

The recollection of patriarchs was the ideal way the scribes could describe the overall nature of society. Each patriarch was given a long lifespan to symbolise how ingrained the masculine element had become within an evolutionary construct. The scribes characterised each patriarch through to Noah (rest) when a new beginning would be offered mankind. Noah was the recreation of the symbolic seventh day of rest as the ark landed on the highest point representing “new creation”, subjectivity pictured objectively as Mt. Ararat, as a ensample. The feminine element would be re-enabled with two of every kind entering within the protective ark.

Here is a quick surmimary of the characteristics of the patriarchs, documented in the early chapter 5, as described and sourced from concordances – Young and Strong. It is time to deliteralise and enjoy these myths:

Adam – a human being, man (mean of low degree) of the ground, firm – “Male and female … and called their name Adam” – Gen.5:2

Cain – acquisition, sense of fixity; a lance (as striking fast):- spear – first son of Adam (male and female)

Abel – fresh grassy meadow, emptiness or vanity, figuratively something transitory and unsatisfactory – second son of Adam (male and female)

Seth – compensation, sprout – very wide application, apply, array, bring, consider, lay, let alone, look, make, mark – 975 years – Gen. 5:6 –third son of Adam (male and female)

Enos -mortal – fail, feeble, in the flower of their age, man, people, person, servant – 905 years – Gen. 5:9

Cainan – acquisition – a nest fixed – 910 years – Gen. 5:13

Jared – contender, avenger, to go downwards, to lower region, to bring down, run down, sink subdue) – 962 years – Gen. 5:19

Enoch – tuition, teacher – 365 years – Gen. 5

Methuselah – an antediluvian, strength, mighty patriarch, missile of attack, i.e. spear – 969 years – Gen. 5:26

Lamech – overthrower, wild man – 777 years – Gen. 5:30

Noah (rest) “was five hundred years old …. And begat Shem (renown), Ham (multitude, unproductive) and Japeth (extender by force)”. After patriarchy society was classified as three types each being – a third part each.

The scribes were composing types for edification. The writers pictured their written efforts as being of high lasting value in comparison to the non-contributing, non-producing masses and the belligerent possessive hungry warmongers. These types, male or female, predominant in all. It is time to decompose the literal interpretation drummed into us.

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