My and Mine – A few particles of very frequent occurrence are found throughout the evolution of writing.

Why the book of Genesis is certainly not about Creation.  It is a book that demonstrations the evolution of writing.

The book of Genesis enables modernity an insight into very early written thought and construction. Early it was a wild world where every aspect related to survival. All take and no give, not greatly dissimilar to today. There were giants (Nimrods) roaming the land bent on self-preservation. Every aspect of life had meaning. Preserve possessions or perish was the order of that day. Later Ancient writers developed a skill of recording. They wrote down oral recollections. In this respect it is right to take the words as they stand. They deliberately repeated to enhanced each time in Genesis, and so on in later writings. It is a treasure chest to be preserved. Before philosophical meanderings, especially Greek, the basic wants of mankind had been objectified.

Let’s carry down that tradition to modernity.

So here is a fresh interpretation of Genesis and later Isaiah to illustrate the art of writing, recording of evolutionary skill as a memorial. This may lessen our restrictive literal body of the last two thousand years of woeful abomination and distortion.

This is our inherited memorial to this possessiveness we have today:
Gen. 2:23 “my bones”, “my flesh”
Gen. 4:9 “my brother’s keeper”
Gen. 4:13 “my punishment”
Gen. 4:23 “my voice”, “my speech”
Gen. 6:18 “my covenant”
Gen. 9:9 “my covenant”
Gen. 9:13 “my bow”
Gen. 12:19 “my sister”
Gen. 13:8 “my herdsmen”
Gen. 15:2 “my house”
Gen. 16:2 “my maid”
Gen. 16:5 “my wrong be upon thee”
Gen. 16:8 “my mistress”
Gen. 18:3 “My Lord”
Gen. 18:12 “my lord”
Gen. 19:2 “my lord’s”
Gen. 19:8 “my roof”
Gen. 19:18 “My Lord”
Gen. 19:19 “my life”
Gen. 19:20 “my soul”
Gen. 19:34 “my father”
Gen. 20:9 “my kingdom”
Gen. 20:11 “my wife’s sake”
Gen. 20:10 “my son”
Gen. 20:13 “my land”
Gen. 21:30 “my hand”
Gen. 22:18 “my voice”
Gen. 23:4 “my sight”
Gen. 24:4 “my country”
Gen. 24:6 “my son”
Gen. 24:8 “my oath”
Gen. 24:12, 14, 27, 36 “my master”
Gen. 24:38 “my father’s house”, “my kindred”
Gen. 24:40 “my son of my kindred”
Gen. 24:48 “my head”
Gen. 26:5 “my commandments”
Gen. 26:7 “my sister”, “my wife”
Gen. 26:26 “my servant”
Gen. 27:2 “my death”
Gen. 27:19 “my venison”, “my son’s venison”
Gen. 27:31 “let my father arise”
Gen. 27:46 “my life”, “my brethren”, and “my bone and my flesh”
Gen. 29:21 “my days”
Gen. 30:23 “my reproach”
Gen. 30:25 “my country”
Gen. 30:26 “my children”
Gen. 30:30 “my coming”
Gen. 30:32, 33 “my hire”
Gen. 31:7 “my power”
Gen. 31:26 “my daughters”
Gen. 31:28 “my hand”
Gen. 31:30 “my gods”
Gen. 31:36 “my sin”
Gen. 31:37 “my staff”
Gen. 31:40 “my sleep”
Gen. 31:41 “my wages”
Gen. 31:29 “my name”
Gen. 31:30 “my life”
Gen. 33:8 “my lord”, “my blessing”
Gen. 35:3 “my distress”
Gen. 37:7 “my sheaf”
Gen. 37:33 “my son’s coat”
Gen. 39:15 “my voice”
Gen. 40:9 “my dream”
Gen. 41:9 “my faults”
Gen. 41:40 “my house”, “my people”
Gen. 41:51 “my toil”
Gen. 41:52 “my affection”
Gen. 42:28 “my money”
Gen. 42:36, 37 “my children”, “my two sons”, “my hand”
Gen. 42:38 “my grey hair”
Gen. 43:3, 5 “my face”
Gen. 44:2 “my cup”, “my servant, “my lord’s ears”
Gen. 44:9 “my lord’s bondmen”
Gen. 44:12 “my brother”, “my mouth”
Gen. 47:6 “my cattle”, “my pilgrimage”
Gen. 47:29 “my thigh”
Gen. 48:22 “my sword”
Gen. 49:3 “my firstborn”, “my might”
Gen. 49:4 “my couch”
Gen. 49:6 “my soul”
Gen. 49:26 “my progenitors’

Isa. 1:3 “my courts”
Isa. 5:1 “my wellbeing”, “my vineyard”
Isa. 7:13 “my God”
Isa. 8:4 “my father, and my mother”
Isa. 8:16 “my disciples”
Isa. 10:6 “my wrath”
Isa. 10:8 “my princes”
Isa. 10:13 “my hand”, “my wisdom”
Isa. 11:9 “my holy mountain”
Isa. 12:2 “my salvation”, “my strength”
Isa. 13:3 “my sanctified ones”, “my mighty ones”
Isa. 14:13 “my throne”
Isa. 14:25 “my land”, “my mountains”
Isa. 16:9 “my tears”
Isa.16:11 “my bowels”
Isa. 18:4 “my rest”, “my dwelling place”
Isa. 21:3 “my loins”
Isa. 21:4 “my pleasure”
Isa. 21:8 “my lord”, “my word”
Isa. 21:10 “my threshing”, “my floor”
Isa. 24:15 “my leanness, my leanness”
Isa. 25:1 “my God”
Isa. 26:9 “my soul” “my spirit”
Isa.26:19 “my dead body”
Isa. 27:5 “my strength”
Isa. 30:2 “my mouth”
Isa. 33:37 “my might”
Isa. 34:5 “my sword”, “my curse”
Isa. 36:8 “my master”
Isa. 36:9 “my master’s servants”
Isa. 37:24 “my chariots”
Isa. 37:29 “my bridle”
Isa. 38:10 “my days”, “my years”
Isa. 38:12 “my age”
Isa. 38:13 “my bones”
Isa. 38:15 “my years”, “my soul”
Isa. 38:16 “my spirit”
Isa. 38:17 “my soul’, “my sins”
Isa. 38:20 “my songs”
Isa. 40:27 “my way”, “my God”
Isa. 41:8 “my servant”, “my friend”
Isa. 41:10 “thy God”
Isa. 42:1 “mine elect”, “my servant”, “my soul”
Isa. 42:8 “my name”, “my glory”
Isa. 42:19 “my servant”, “my messenger”
Isa. 43:4 “my sight”
Isa. 43:6 “my sons”, “my daughters”
Isa. 43:7 “my name”, “my glory”
Isa. 43:10, 12 “my witnesses”, “my servant”
Isa. 43:13 “my hand”
Isa. 43:20 “my people”, “my chosen”
Isa. 43:21 “myself”, “my praise”
Isa. 44:3 “my spirit”, “my blessing”
Isa. 44:7 “my god”
Isa. 44:20 “my right hand”
Isa. 44:28 “my shepherd”, “my pleasure”
Isa. 46:10, 11 “my counsel”
Isa. 46:13 “my righteousness”
Isa. 47:6 “my people”
Isa. 48:5 “mine idol”, “my mother”, “my image”, “my graven”
Isa. 48:9 “mine anger”, “my praise”
Isa. 48:11 “mine own sake”, “mine own sake”, “my praise”
Isa. 48:12 “my called”
Isa. 48:13 “my hand”, “my right hand”
Isa. 48:18 “my commandments”
Isa. 49:1, 2 “my mother”, “my mouth”
Isa. 49:4 “my strength”, “my judgment”, “my work”, “my God”
Isa. 49:5 “my God”
Isa. 49:6 “my salvation”
Isa. 49:11 “my mountains”,” my high ways”
Isa. 49:21 “my children”
Isa. 49:22 “mine hand”
Isa. 50:1 “my creditors”, “your transgressions”
Isa. 50:2 “my hand”, “my rebuke”
Isa. 50:6 “my back”, “my checks”, “my face”
Isa. 51:4 “my people”, “my nation”, “my judgment”
Isa. 51:5 “my righteousness”, “my salvation”, “mine arms”, “mine arm”
Isa. 51:6 “my salvation”, “my righteousness”
Isa. 51:7 “my law”
Isa. 51:8 “my righteousness”, “my salvation”
Isa. 51:16 “my words”, “mine hand”, “my people”
Isa. 51:22 “my fury”
Isa. 54:4, 5 “my people”, “my name”
Isa. 54:6 “my people”, “my name”, “my kindness”, “my peace”
Isa. 54:10 “my thoughts”
Isa. 55:8, 9 “my ways”
Isa. 55:11 “my word”, “my mouth”
Isa. 56:1 “my righteousness”, “my salvation”
Isa. 56:4 “my Sabbaths”, “my covenant”
Isa. 56:5 “mine house”, “my walls”
Isa. 56:6 “my covenant”
Isa. 56:7 “my holy mountain”, “my house”
Isa. 56:7 “my holy mountain”
Isa. 57:21 “my God”
Isa. 60:7 “mine altar”, “my altar”
Isa. 60:10 “my wrath”, “my favour”
Isa. 60:13 “my sanctuary”, “my feet”
Isa. 60:21 “my planting”, “my hands”
Isa. 61:10 “my soul”, “my God”
Isa. 62:9 “my holiness”
Isa. 63:3 “my fury”, “my raiment”
Isa. 63:4 “my redeemed”
Isa. 63:5 “mine own”, “my arm”, “my fury”
Isa. 63:6 “mine anger”, “my fury”
Isa. 65:1 “my name”
Isa. 65:2 “my hands”
Isa. 65:3 “my face”
Isa. 65:5 “my nose”
Isa. 65:8 “my servants’ sake”, “mine elect”, “my servants”
Isa. 66:1 “my throne”, “my footstool”
Isa. 66:2 “my word”
Isa.66:5 “for my name’s sake”
Isa. 66:19 “my fame”, “my glory”

Let’s know the Ancient works, labour and patience. Have we blasphemed? Do we have we a few things against our literal Creative interpretation? Have we not found perfection in the design of this work? Let’s open so that no man shutteth as these words are faithful and true.

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