Two Sides – Literal and Figurative – Logos and Mythos

Are we round of flat? Are we on this planet? In Gen. 8:3 we are told that the waters abated after 150 days. Wow. We know however that today the Hebrew or Jewish calendar (הַלּוּחַ הָעִבְרִי, Ha-Luah ha-Ivri) is a linisolar calendar with days of the month alternating between 30 days and 29 days. And we know that the book of Revelation recalls the same five months type – Rev. 9:5 “they should be tormented five months” and Rev. 9:10 “their power (was) to hurt men five months”. But you cannot have 5 consecutive months of 30 days and be in accordance with the lunar calendar. We also have the example of half a year being civil and half being ceremonial and over a seven year period. This becomes the great symbol of release, redemption, liberty and freedom – and noted as 1260 days (180 * 7 = 1260) – recognizing each month had 30 days – 30*12 = 360 *7 = 2520 days. In ceremonial times twelve represented diversity and this was carried through to the apostles who became one in the Christ, the Written Word, not a literal person. Of course the 360 days of the ceremonial/civic harmony symbolized the roundness that one possesses through diversity on each consciousness and likeness. But the western world had to awake the enlightenment to realize the world was round and still has not recognized the insight of the Ancient recording. Of course we then have the each day representing a year – so Daniel’s 70 weeks becomes 490 years, and as this looked backward from Antiochus Epiphanes defeat we can distinguish the breakdown of this number into Pre-exilic ( 49 + 434) and Post-exilic (2300 days of plunder, +10 days of mourning, + 210 days of reconstitution, release or redemption). But of course 1260 or 2520 are both divisible by 30. In Judaism, an hour is defined as 1/12 of the time from sunrise to sunset – each hour again representing diversity. The Jewish day is of no fixed length. And the Jewish day is transient and is ever completing -the Jewish day is of no fixed length. The Jewish day is modeled on the reference to “…there was evening and there was morning…” in the creation account in the first chapter of Genesis. And each day we have to treat as a thousand years as we only have 70 years and 40 years of activity. I am that I am.

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