Why Christ is the Written Word – Never Solely a Literal Person of History – What is the Written Word ?

The western world is burdened by a fabricated story of a literal Christ two thousand years back. Yet the Ancient writers foresaw a long dark age that would engulf humanity and stifle consciousness. Within the Testaments they devised a system of numbers that would record the negativity of instituted literal bondage of the mind and spirit. By the time the book of Revelation was being devised they had experienced three eras of decline and recession – Pre-exilic (pre-Babylonian), Post-exilic (from Babylonian captivity to Judas Maccabees victory) and the era of the Hasmoneans and Pharisees and Sadducees. The book of Revelation was the response to the brutality and enslavement by their Jewish governance and resurrection or redemption was out of the question with the restrictive administration of James and Peter becoming prominent and the appointment of Roman governors in the 40’s. Catastrophe was foreseen of the impending imperialism of Rome. But 70 AD was not the subject of the later gospels that substantiated the overbearing rule of the Pharisees and Sadducees. John’s fourth gospel re-established the spirituality evident in Paul’s writings of the 40’s and John of Patmos of the spirit and diversity of the Messianic oneness evidenced when the population challenged the harsh rule of the Pharisees and Sadducees from before the turn of the century.
To understand this philosophy of numbers with recollection of governance we need to start right back at Genesis and work our way through Daniel to the book of Revelation and then into the gospels. The Ancient’s were using the written word to substantiate the craving of humankind for an elevated level as life evolved from the local (judges), to state (kings and kingdoms) to the universal vision (nations). Early life involved ritual, ceremonial and conformity but with the evolution of consciousness mankind had been passed the baton, likeness, God was at rest for all time. Decline and regression had to be combated by the conscious skill that developed the written word of story-telling as the combative weapon, as sharp as a sword. It became a science of writing reflecting both good and bad elements and the revelation of Jesus Christ is the revelation of the message of numbers and history within the “Written Word”, not a literal being. It was the message of the “Written Word” that has been crucified, meaning persecuted, and it is our task to re-interpret the “Written Word” and expose the scarlet woman who has deceived and is the greatest abomination of all time – and will be cast into the lake of brimstone. The time is now, continuous and never ending. Follow at https://maxburnett.com.au – new articles weekly.

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