The Abomination of Desolation

Why the world is at waste – time diversion by pagan Christianity is the greatest abomination of all. Read why the Bible proves from scripture only, from the original Hebrew words and construction, why their was never a literal one person called Jesus Christ. It is the biggest diversion, deception of all time. For the first time an indepth golden thread, undiscovered by Christianity, bypassed by non-believers, traces the beasts of the OT, through Daniel to the book of Revelation – written and finalised in the Christ age – but never imagining a literal Christ. Why the gospels are a total criticism of the Pharisees and Sadducees and support the writing of Paul and John of Patmos. Why Daniel 2 never referenced Rome and why Daniel 7’s beasts – looked back to the recalled oral Jewish history and why Daniel 9 was never a prophecy projecting forward a literal one. Why Rome has been blown out of all proportion by western Christianity and pseudo academics. All in Probing Our Judeo-Christian Inheritance (for Freethinkers) – the perfect ebook for the coming festive season of apocalptic delight. An amazing reference book.

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