Numbers and Objects


“Whether you use the numbers 1 , 2 , 3 or other symbols”…My stance…the Ancient’s used and recalled oral “history” and numbers combined as one….they reflected governance in systematization in contrast to ceremonial and ritual – systemization of objects (i.e. “historical” recollections) together with numbers 70, 40, 666, 2520, 1260, 7, 30, 30X12 – were all part of it. They consolidated numbers 2300 + 10 + 210 to equal 2520 with cosmological to equal the civil (1260 + 1260 = 2520). But further, they multiplied 70 (three score and ten chances) X 7 (prime and could not be divided, no schism) to equal 490 and converted days to represent years. They then brought governance (reality) into the equation counting backwards using the symbol 490 years which they divided into two periods – 483 years (434 + 49 years) plus a final 1 week to complete the symbolic 70 years lifespan. Now recalling their governance they (Daniel – around 160 BC ish and in full consultation with the kings reigns recorded in of Pre-Babylonian times realized that the major events of social life could be placed into the model.  They were constructing symbols having moved on from phonetics to an alphabet that evolutionary consciousness was able to utilize against the barbarism of dogma, violence and regression of all types.   So simple from David’s decree to Shishak plunder of their nation to Babylonian captivity fitted in to match 483 years of 490 years as recorded in Kings and Chronicles – it is set in stone.  These years never were a prophecy forward but completely opposite – using the approximate dates recorded of King’s reigns in Ceremonial times where nothing was chronological.  The final 1 week or seven years was broken up by Daniel into 2300 + 10 +210 (plunder, mourning and burying the dead – reconstitution).  This is the evolutionary process seen in 7 days when God rested and passed the baton to us to run the race of life.

Numbers are wonderful, but those who just stay in the gospels are lost souls of those chaotic times.

Regards Max

The Abomination of Desolation

Why the world is at waste – time diversion by pagan Christianity is the greatest abomination of all. Read why the Bible proves from scripture only, from the original Hebrew words and construction, why their was never a literal one person called Jesus Christ. It is the biggest diversion, deception of all time. For the first time an indepth golden thread, undiscovered by Christianity, bypassed by non-believers, traces the beasts of the OT, through Daniel to the book of Revelation – written and finalised in the Christ age – but never imagining a literal Christ. Why the gospels are a total criticism of the Pharisees and Sadducees and support the writing of Paul and John of Patmos. Why Daniel 2 never referenced Rome and why Daniel 7’s beasts – looked back to the recalled oral Jewish history and why Daniel 9 was never a prophecy projecting forward a literal one. Why Rome has been blown out of all proportion by western Christianity and pseudo academics. All in Probing Our Judeo-Christian Inheritance (for Freethinkers) – the perfect ebook for the coming festive season of apocalptic delight. An amazing reference book.