The Knock at the Door – What Christianity has not told you

The Knock at the Door – What Christianity has not told you.

The book of Revelation was written by 50 AD and did not directly mention the messianic turmoil just twenty years beforehand. The articles to follow will explain why the Christ of Paul was spiritual, not a literal person, and why John of Patmos projected the spiritual to a global apotheosis in a much later age. Modern Christianity has never understood the book of Revelation neither the synoptic books that were written to verify these two early writers. Christianity has given a literal account that has extended the dark ages down to the 21st century.

As we go through Revelation verse by verse, the structure emerges like a new day dawning. The opening words, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” (Rev. 1:1), cast the entire work far beyond iconoclastic Christianity, and the synoptic Gospels are seen anew and refreshed.

Whether it is the messages, seals, trumpets, plagues, or beasts of Revelation 13, OT type needs to be nailed for every verse. All of Revelation is based on a great consolidation from all earlier OT texts. As such, we have to briefly trace each type. Revelation is a book of wheels within wheels, precept upon precept, and examples for admonition. It defines and measures the perfect Jerusalem. The implications are left to the reader to ponder and to nurture. If it is in error, move on, retain patristic traditions, or rejuvenate your belief. Hope is forever built upon.

So let’s begin a concise Revelation, giving just enough depth, breadth, and height to spark the reader into inquiry. Hold on; be seated and steadfast. Let faithfulness, not vicarious faith, leaven. Enter your house for rest. The walls of Jericho have been encompassed, tumbling down. You are called back to enter Jerusalem. Do not sleep for the time has come. Be fortified. Grasp the baton and run the race of life. Shine, shine, shine!

Chapters 1–4: Address to Seven Churches of Asia Minor

Revelation is a book of ultimate prophecy. In opening the book, one draws upon types, metaphors, and allegories. Each participant has the right to make a decision on interpretation. The fulfillment is to be a global awakening. It can happen only at a special time, when all the factors of the Testaments can be perceived in total. The world up to modernity has struggled with institutionalized churches of the most high down to the local denomination. The opening of Revelation blows away the clouds to let the rays of sunshine into the heart and soul.

Every verse of Revelation is symbolic, drawn from the waters of time, predicting an apocalyptic age when we are finally called out — “Come out of her my people.” This book covers the archetypical, not an immediate age following the synoptic books but an age to come in what the western mind calls latter Judeo-Christianity. We have transgressed great periods of time in types (first temple era), stretching from the beginning of recorded life, (second temple era) through Babylonian captivity to the establishment of a national state after the victorious Judas Maccabees. We went further to antitype, the messianic fulfilment in the struggle against the Hasmoneans and the Pharisees and Sadducees. After two thousand years of painstaking research and doctrines and theories of every persuasion, these types are not recognized as built infrastructures of the Testaments. Thus, the book of Revelation has remained closed and the saints, the steadfast, have been tormented.

Are we ready to move on? It is not a matter of leaving the Testaments but leavening the texts in alignment with the ancients’ order of priesthood. The apocalyptic age begins with the ending of the age of deception, when the tables are overturned, when Lazarus is brought back to life, and when the betrayal ends. The cock has crowed twice. Don’t let it crow a third time. Here is your chance to join the saints’ non-relgious message of ethics, morality, and unrestricted Creation going forth.

All the symbolic end churches are immediately rebuked. Each is told that it has not done quite right. The churches fail. We are about to move on. The churches can’t adjust to the address. The misdemeanor gets worse the longer the lecture is denied. After twenty centuries have passed, the book has not been opened. The seven churches, representing the prime number 7, are not divisible, covering all denominations of our age. We are thrown off guard by the rebuke. It is not focusing on external powers; it is not judgmental. It focuses on our mythos, our very spiritual governing bodies, now called by us Judeo-Christianity. The rebuke causes a few scarlet to purple faces to blush:

• Ephesus: “left thy first love” (Rev. 2:4)
• Smyrna: “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews” (Rev. 2:9)
• Pergamos: “I have a few things against thee” (Rev. 2:14)
• Thyatira: “thou severest … Jezebel … seduce … to commit fornication, eat things sacred to idols” (Rev. 2:20)
• Sardis: “not found thy works perfect before God” (Rev. 3:2)
• Philadelphia: “I have set before thee an opened door”; “behold I come quickly” (Rev. 3:8)
• Laodiceans: “neither cold nor hot … thou art lukewarm” (Rev. 3:15-16)

The Knock at the Door: Revelation 3:20

We are then told to open the door: “Behold I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door …” (Rev. 3:20). Knock, knock, and knock!

You are welcomed to supper. “To him that over cometh will I grant to sit with me at my throne, even as I also overcame” (Rev. 3:21). We are all invited to sit by a throne. We are all to be overcome by the apocalyptic message, which is about to be given from the pages of this book.

These churches represent modernity’s failure to prize open the book. They have held back the Apocalypse, the final revelation, and the resurrection. But the knock is loud, and silence follows the knocking. All is to be changed.

Behold, “A Door Was Opened”: Revelation 4:1

The message is clear: “I will show thee things which must be hereafter” (Rev. 4:1). Immediately, the throne appears. Four and twenty seats, the protectors of heaven, give allegiance. Are we going to worship him that liveth “for ever and ever”?

So be seated, be sturdy, and be steadfast. Here are the messages to the churches of modernity.

How long will it take to dawn on us?

First Angel’s Message: Revelation 5:1-2 — Book with Seven Seals

This is the first angel’s message: “And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to lose the seals thereof?” (Rev. 5:1–2). The answer is, “The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David” (Rev. 5:5). In this dispensation, the Lion of Judah is called “the Comforter” (John 16:7).

The book has been closed, sealed, and never made explicit, as selective literalism replaced the pedagogical. Isaiah reports in judgment upon Jerusalem’s (the church’s) hypocrisy, saying, “The vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith I cannot; for it is sealed” (Isa. 29:11). This statement indicates that wrongful interpretations have been passed down through the centuries.

All is delusion, deception, and falsification. Contemporaneous interpretations have been a multitude of lies. Only abracadabra has attempted to say what is in a closed, sealed book. To just say, “Jesus saves” is belittling, disparaging, and condescending. Until the book is opened, the revelation of Jesus Christ cannot be made. The truth given to date is an aberration completely derisive of the contents.

But the scribes realized that one day, the misty fog blocking our senses would disperse. Welcoming is the morning dew, bluer is the sky, and fresher is the wind. Angels of joy are about to descend.

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