Revelation – Opening the Door

Why does Revelation written about 50 AD not mention a literalized Christ?
One of the mysteries of Christianity is why Paul’s extensive spiritual writings and John of Patmos’s detailed apocalyptic Revelation, both written around 40-50 AD, fail to mention a literal Christ. It is no wonder questions are asked.
Why did it take 40 – 90 years for the synoptic books to surface hailing a literal figure in history from a supposedly written Q document? Pointing to just a few mentions of a Jesus in Josephus is far from convincing. Why do we celebrate an image lost in maybe a sanctuary above?
To add to the confusion we are going to open the book of Revelation showing it draws type after type, from woe to go, from the Old Testament – not the event of less than twenty years beforehand.
The synoptic books also draw on the same OT types to fill out the works of Paul and John of Patmos.
In my book I propose that the synoptics were written to substantiate the writings of Paul and John of Patmos and that the writers of the synoptics fully understood Paul’s conversion and John’s vision.
Rebirthing Christianity, but not as we have known it, is complex after the pagan distortions of the 3rd century takeover that has extended the dark, dark ages right through to the current millennium.
There is a golden thread that John of Patmos uses in Revelation that is going to be revealed – a different down-to-earth story.
As an introduction to the subject John draws allegories in the beasts of Revelation from the Old Testament – bypassing emphasize of a selectively literal Christ. These metaphors relate to very bygone times and are thrown forward by John into an apocalyptic story that overshadows the Christian event just 20 years before. John’s Revelation is so colorful and revealing it overshadows all.
So let’s get right down to unveiling the golden thread…no holes barred. This is going to be a series opening the book of Revelation step by step.
The series will be posted to my URL:
Enjoy the ride.

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