Christian Beliefs Questioned -The Mathematics of Daniel’s Pre-exilic Recall – Supplementary Annex

The Mathematics of Daniel’s Pre-exilic Recall – Annex to Post

The consistency of the book of Daniel has to be established.  The initial post showed that the 483 years out of 490 years of Dan: 9:24 was used by Daniel as a symbol and synchronized with the reigns of the ancient kings in ceremonial times (before chronological times).  Further, seven key features or events must be identified apart from just the kings’ reigns. The recorded types found must perfectly correspond in Daniel and also Ezekiel, apart from the books of Kings and Chronicles.  To show how scientific and reliant each book is seven identifiers independently verify Daniel’s discourse.  Let’s summarize the seven-handed task:

  1. 1. The first 69 weeks (483 years) are of a 70-week (490 years) period. The final 1 week (7 years) will be detailed after the initial 69 weeks (483 years) are established.
  1. 2. The first 7 weeks (49 years) and the second 62 weeks (434years) together total 483 years, or 69 weeks – Day-for-a year principle. Reasons for this division need to be fully and consistently identified.
  1. 3. The 390 years of iniquity of the house of Israel mentioned in Eze. 4:5-6 must commence in 975 BC and stretch from 975 BC to585 BC defining the start of full captivity. The year 975 BC must mark a key event.
  1. 4. The 40-year period of Eze. 4:6 must be from 625 BC to 585 This mustmark another key highlight.
  1. Furthermore, 483 years should commence in 1021 BC (ceremonial years). Did David command Solomon to build a temple in this ceremonial year, and how is this proven from the sacred reckoning dates of the OT (1 Chron. 22:5, 6, 19)? The 483-year periods should continue through to the end of Babylonian captivity (1021 BC – 483 BC = 538 BC). It is going to be shown that Cyrus, a Persian, cut off Babylonian captivity, “not for himself” but for the Jewish nation.
  1. 6. There must be a very significant event of 972 BC, 49 years after 1021 BC, breaking up the 483 years period into two distinct parts. It must be a major incident.
  1. The final symbolic type of 1 week (7 years) will then need to be detailed and found in the post-exilic era and its meaning as part-of-the-whole 70 weeks clarified. This will be done in another post.

To paraphrase, if these seven time periods, in sacred year time (i.e. sacred days 180 (1260) = civic days 180 (1260), do not exactly match the outline of Ezekiel’s 390 years, 40 years and the division of the 69 weeks into an initial 7 weeks and followed by 62 weeks then the hypothesis modeled on the OT, as presented yesterday would not be correct.  We have to correct the incorrect versions of various western interpretations.

In Ezekiel’s two periods (390 years) and 40 (years) – one concerned Israel and the other Judah:

  1. Ezekiel 4:1–6, covering the pre-exilic period, notes that the iniquity of the house of Israel shall be 390 years (see Ezek. 4:5-6). That is a long period of time. Such iniquity or idolatry would therefore have commenced around 975 BC, lasting until complete Babylonian captivity in about 585 BC to fit the hypothesis. The critical date of 975 BC precedes 972 BC, and we are tasked with identifying a significant recorded event. From the story, iniquity commenced when two calves of gold were made for the people to worship. “And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eight month on the fifteenth day” in place of Feast of Tabernacles (see 1 Kings 12:28–33). Did Jeroboam do this in 975 BC before he became king and before the event of 972 BC? According to Young’s lexicon, he became the first king of the ten tribes of Israel in 970 BC. Be patient until the big picture comes together.
  2. When documenting the house of Judah, Ezekiel has a standout time period, well known to exegesis. “Thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah 40 days (years)” (Ezek. 4:6). Forty years of subjection for Judah began when Josiah’s reforms were rejected following Ahaz’s earlier neglect to repair the temple. Ahaz had done evil, “and did not that which was right in the sight of the Lord his God” (2 Kings 16:2). These reforms were ignored by the people in 625 BC, the ceremonial year (see 2 Kings 23:1-27). This is forty years before the full commencement of captivity by 585 BC. Josiah, a son of Amon, king of Judah, reigned from 642 BC to 611 BC.

Now to the science.   From the table given yesterday, from the reigns in both Kings and Chronicles, Rehoboam’s reign commenced in 976 BC ceremonial year.  In the fifth year of Rehoboam’s reign, Shishak, King of Egypt, came against Jeroboam of Israel – 1 Kings 14:25.  Jeroboam was then king of Israel.  This would make it 972 BC.  If the division of the 69 weeks – 483 years (49 years and 434 year) happened at this point then the decree of David, in ceremonial years is 972 + 49 = 1021.  1021 BC in ceremonial terms would be when David gave the decree.  This is not historical recorded time, but symbolized for story telling ensamples for admonition.

Now the table yesterday gave all the yearly reigns and from 972 BC – 434 years and brings us to the ending of Babylonian captivity in 538 BC.  This similitude matches the story of the freeing from Egyptian captivity and the setting up of the sacred/civic year of 180 days of Exod. 12:1-7.  And we are told each month in ceremonial times had 30 days each – Gen. 8:1-3.

Next, what about Ezekiel’s 390 years?  Well 585 + 390 = 975 BC which is the commencement of Rehoboam’s reign.  So Daniel matches Ezekiel record and both match Kings and Chronicles.

Next, what about Ezekiel’s 40 years?  Well 585 + 40 = 625 BC which is in the middle of Josiah’s reign.  We are told that Josiah initiated good reforms in his reign, although the populace rejected those reforms.  The seven last kings of Judah after Hezekiah, except Josiah who attempted reforms, were corrupt.  So Ezekiel, speaking of these times, records the 40 years and this fits into the recording of Kings and Chronicles.

Now Daniel, probably written at the time of the great victory over Antiochus Epiphanes by Judas Maccabees recorded the 70 weeks symbol – 70 years being a symbol of three score and ten which we all have – symbol of our given time.  7 x 70 is 490 years which furthered the ceremonial methodology recorded in Kings and Chronicles.  And after 7 sevens there is a year of Jubilee and rejuvenation initiated.

So the question is why has Daniel’s prophecy not been given due diligence?   For all the errors:

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