Judeo-Christianity – Daniel 2

Daniel was finalizing Form. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was purely about the Jewish nation up the end of the two witnesses – the two temple eras. Pre-exilic up to Babylonian captivity and Post-exilic up to the great victory by Judas Maccabees. Western philosophy insists the feet (iron and clay) was Rome and this was splattered by their Rock – Jesus Christ. In Jewish records the following is propositioned:

Head (gold) – Nebuchadnezzar
Chest and arms (silver) – Media-Persia
Belly and thighs (brass) – Greece
Legs (iron) – Ptolemaic rule
Feet (iron and clay) – Antiochus Epiphanes
Rock – Judas Maccabees.

Daniel created form in 7:3 by looking right back to the beginning of their known history giving the image of 3 beasts and a diverse beast – Saul (Lion), David (Bear), Solomon (Leopard) and the division into kingdoms – the Diverse beast Israel and Judah

In chapter 9:24-27, the 70 weeks then brought together the two eras into one symbol, metaphor, allegory, glyph combining the two eras into a lifetime experience. Stories and metaphors create commentary on governance and institutions.

Other aspects of Daniel also referred to their cosmological – celestial and terrestrial, Day and Night, Light and Darkness, Sacred and Civil and this was brought together in the division of their year into two half years of 180 days each of 1260 days (180 X 7) over a seven year period. They described the half year in terms of – time, times and the dividing of times documented from the preparation for the exodus on the tenth day of Abid – Exod. 12:1-7.

Unlike surrounding nations they wanted to create Form. Form is the only weapon in a Warrior Age that constructs perception of higher elevation. The form they created started by describing their governance as alma or bethulah, and when the child grew to maturity Hezekiah was called Immanuel. They were not just duplicating the same image from surrounding cultures but creating Form in metaphors that would endure in each age as the circle became larger. When reconstruction failed the message was taken to the Gentiles (Isa. 60:3) of the Pre-exilic age. The book was open for Hezekiah. Daniel knew the contents of the open book and wrote extensively of time and times and the dividing of times – in Dan.7:25-26 and concluded Daniel, not with a Roman insignia but 1335 Dan. 12:12-13 (5+ 1260 + 70). 5 days 1/10 -1/15 choosing the Pascal lamb, 1260 showing community must be at one within the cosmological, and adding 30 days to the Feast of Dedication and 40 days to the Abomination of Desolation. All this symbolized over a seven year period.

Christianity is asked to correct their wrong interpretation of Daniel 2.

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