Rome – Not the Subject of Daniel

Rome was never the subject of the image of Daniel chapter 2 nor the book of Daniel. Christianity is asked to correct that perception.

There are three ways to refute that Daniel in anyway prophesied the Messianic event. Daniel accepted that similar circumstances would arise and all events lead from local to national to global. But Daniel never predicted the two horned beast of the Pharisees and Sadducees and the Messianic upheaval that resulted after years of suppression, taxing and slavery of the Jewish people. The post-Messianic event of Roman imperialism of AD 70 was not the subject of the later written synoptic books.

Three points to remember:

1. Daniel 2’s image illustrated the shattering of the Grecian Empire of Antiochus Epiphanes. The rock that shattered was Judas Maccabees and this second witness set up the everlasting kingdom, a point that western Christianity fails to accept.

2. The first witness was recorded in Daniel 7:3 covering three beasts of the Pre-exilic era – Saul (Lion), David (Bear) and Solomon (Leopard) – Solomon being the 666 symbol. The diverse beast was the combination of Israel’s 10 tribes (10 horns) and the seven heads, the last seven kings of Judah, after Hezekiah and before Babylonian captivity.

Hezekiah had restored the Temple (reflecting inner temple) and was called Counsellor, Wonderful and the book (writing) was open at that time. The book was not open again until the time of Daniel recording the second witness – victory over Grecian tyranny. Not then again until the time of Paul and John of Patmos.

3. Daniel 9:24-27 recorded a symbolic 70 weeks which according to the well accepted day-for-year principle is 490 years. The 490 years is broken into 483 years and a final 7 year symbol.

The 483 years is again broken into a period of 49 years and 434 years. The end of 49 years is when Shishak from Egypt was conquered. The end of 434 years was upon the freeing from Babylonian captivity.

4. Daniel’s final image is of the final 7 year symbol – Dan. 12:12-13 – 2520 days (360 X 7) is made up of 2,300 days of plunder of the Grecian empire) – Dan. 8:14, 10 days of intense persecution and mourning – 1 Macc. 1:54-64, 210 days of burying the dead – reconstitution (Ezek. 39:12).

To conclusively show that the book of Daniel was purely a Jewish concept of the Ancients the final symbol of Dan. 12:12-13 of 1335 days is composed of 5 days before the sacred year, 1260 days (180 X 7) half years (remember celestial = terrestrial in philosophy, sacred = civil, and all was to be in balance), Then over a 7 year period 30 days to Feast of Dedication + 40 days to Abomination of Desolation. 1335 days = (5 + 1,260 + 70). Forty equals the period each of us can be creative and 70 years our life span.


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