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Freethinker (4)

The book gives a fresh interpretation of the KJV Testaments.  It reveres the book like no other and concludes with an unexpected Apocalypse ending the Dark Ages.  It crosses over and resurrects the Ancient’s message.  It reveals a golden thread running throughout by using a type, antitype and archetype methodology.  It aims to break down the middle wall of partition that has jarred our society since the third century.  It is one person’s opinion, that’s all, and asks for the error to be pointed out.  It comes as a free flying dove.

It traverses the Book of Revelation, after hearing the knock on the door; it opens the verses of Revelation in a non-fanatical clear path, leading to a Damascus incident.  The writer cannot understand why this interpretation is not correct.  It asks believers and non-believers to again reassess the metaphors and allegories. It is scathing of the simplistic philosophies of modernity and any doctrines of faith that fail to look deeper at the Judaic construction.

It comes out of the blue inspired by that inner voice saying “come out” with this book.  Thrust in your sickle for the time is ripe for reaping. It is non-judgmental nor critical of any denomination.  That is not its purpose.  It shows no angst.  It simple asks for one to read and for consideration what the ancient cultures offered us.  They wrote their message in an age of extreme violence, masculinity and enslavement and asks for an intelligent debate before jumping to any conclusion.

The big difference is the claim that this treasured book does not prophecy forward but looks back to the O.T. dating to give seven identifiers to fully explain the “prophecies” of the book of Daniel.  It reveals why Daniel 2 cannot be about Rome and why Rome was never the centerpiece of the scriptures.  This book is contrary to all theological and academic investigations.  It reveals the beasts of Daniel in a recall of Saul (the Lion), David (the Bear) and Solomon (the Leopard) with the kingdom of Israel and Judah as the Diverse Beast.

It fully details Daniel 9:24-27 revealing the Jewish roots of the 70 weeks (70 years) time period.  Daniel never projected this period forward but looked back to Jewish recordings especially in Kings and Chronicles to construct this type of personification.  Likewise it locates the actual 10 Commandments, not just laws, to fill the void with Form of the written word.

As the book contains Tables of dating it is best in book form, not so much easy in E-book.   The chapters need to be read in order and considered over time.

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