Supplementary Index (SI) of Revelation

Supplementary Index (SI) of Revelation



Chapters 1–4 Address to Seven Churches of Asia Minor, the global or final outer circle. This represents the archetypical — having transgressed type and antitype. The address is to the known world — or universal application; the address is not positive for the later Judeo-Christian churches. They are found wanting.
Rev. 5:1–2 First Angel’s Message — Book with Seven Seals
Rev. 6:1–2 First Seal — White horse
Rev. 6:3–4 Second Seal — Red horse
Rev. 6:5–6 Third Seal — Black horse
Rev. 6:7–8 Fourth Seal — Pale horse
Rev. 6:9–11 Fifth Seal — Torment—How long?
Rev. 6:12–17 Sixth Seal — Great earthquake
Rev. 8:1–3, 7:1–3 Seventh Seal — Silence in heaven
Rev. 8:7 First Trumpet — Hail, fire, blood
Rev. 8:8 Second Trumpet — Great mountain burns
Rev. 8:9–11 Third Trumpet — Waters made bitter
Rev. 8:12 Fourth Trumpet — Darkness
Rev. 8:13 Second Angel’s Message — Three Angel’s Woes predicted
Rev. 9:1–11 Fifth Trumpet — A great star falls
Rev. 9:13–21 Sixth Trumpet — Four angels loosened
Rev. 11–15 Seventh Trumpet — Wonder in heaven — continues to Rev. 15
Rev. 12:1 Beginning of wonder in heaven — Woman clothed with sun, being with child
Rev. 12:3 Wonder in heaven — Red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, ten crowns ready to devour child of woman clothed with sun; same image as first beast in Rev. 13.
Rev. 12:5–6 Man-child brought forth — woman clothed with sun escapes to wilderness
Rev. 12:7-8 “War in heaven” — Michael versus dragon
Rev. 12:13–14 Dragon (Devil and Satan) cast out — persecutes woman with man-child
Rev. 12:17 Dragon ready to make war with remnant of woman
Rev. 13:1–4 First beast of Apocalypse — seven heads, ten horns, ten crowns; like a leopard, a lion, a bear; great authority; one head wounded; worshipped dragon; spoke blasphemy
Rev. 13:7 This beast was given power over all kindred, tongues, and nations; all on earth shall worship this beast
Rev. 13:7–8 “Patience and faith of the saints”
Rev. 13:10 “Rich and poor, free and bound”; “no man might buy or sell”; “mark on right hand … mark is name of a man” (Solomon)
Rev. 13:11 Second beast — “another beast … had two horns like a lamb”
Rev. 13:16–18 “No man might buy or sell”; let him have understanding; “beast … Six hundred threescore and six”
Rev. 14:1 A Lamb stood on mount Sion
Rev. 14:3 “Sung as it were a new song”
Rev. 14:6–7 Third Angel’s Message — First Woe, Hour of Judgment
Rev. 14:8 Fourth Angel’s Message — Second Woe, Babylon is Fallen
Rev. 14:9–11 Fifth Angel’s Message — Third Woe, Wrath of God
Rev. 14:14 “One sat like unto the Son of man”
Rev. 14:20 “By the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs”
Rev. 15:5 Temple of tabernacle of testimony is opened
Rev. 16:1–2 First Plague — Grievous sores, leprosy
Rev. 16:3 Second Plague — Blood of the dead
Rev. 16:4–7 Third Plague — Rivers become blood
Rev. 16:8–9 Fourth Plague — Scorching fire
Rev. 16:17 Sixth Angel’s Message — “It is done”
Rev. 16:10–11 Fifth Plague — Darkness, blasphemy
Rev. 16:12–16 Sixth Plague — Unclean frogs out of mouth of dragon, beast, false prophet
Rev 16:17 Seventh Plague — It is done
Rev. 17:1 Judgment of “the great whore that sitteth upon many waters” — blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns
Rev. 17:5 “Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth”
Rev. 17:7 “I will tell thee the mystery of the woman”
Rev. 17:9 “The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth”
Rev. 17:10 “Seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come”
Rev. 17:12–14 “Ten horns are ten kings … receive power as kings one hour with the beast”
Rev. 17:16 Ten horns (ten kings) … “shall hate the whore … desolate … naked … eat her flesh”
Rev. 17:17 “Until the words of God shall be fulfilled”
Rev. 18:2 “Babylon, the great is fallen, is fallen”
Rev. 18:4 Seventh Angel’s Message — “Come Out of Her My People”
Rev. 18:11–12, 17 “Merchants of earth shall weep” “in one hour … riches is come to nought”
Rev. 18:19 “For in one hour is she made desolate”
Rev. 18:24 “In her was found the blood of the prophets”
Rev. 19:1–4 “Alleluia; Salvation” “Amen”
Rev. 19:7 “For the marriage of the Lamb is come”
Rev. 19:11–16 “Faithful and True”
Rev. 19:20 “Beasts … false prophets … cast alive into the lake of fire”
Rev. 20:2 “And bound for a thousand years”
Rev. 20:5 “This is the first resurrection”
Rev. 20:7 “Satan shall be loosed out of prison”
Rev. 20:10 “Shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever”
Rev. 20:12 “And another book was opened, which is the book of life”
Rev. 21:1–3 “I saw a new heaven and a new earth”
Rev. 21:5–6 “Write: for these words are true and faithful” “It is done”
Rev. 21:9 “Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife”
Rev. 21:11 “Stone most precious,” “twelve angels,” “city lieth foursquare,” “I saw no temple,” “no need for sun, nor moon”
Rev. 22:2 “Tree of life … leaves for healing”
Rev. 22:5 “No night … no candle”
Rev. 22:10 “Seal not the sayings of the prophecy”
Rev. 22:13 “I come quickly … I am Alpha and Omega”; “I am the root and the offspring of David”
Rev. 22:18 “If any man shall add unto these things … come Lord Jesus”


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